Tuesday's Shrine Game Buzz

More scouts were present at today's practice and a pair of head coaches were also present. Physical practices with a lot of hitting gave scouts added information with which to work as the week builds up to tomorrows weigh ins and joint practice.

No player has hurt themselves more than Pete McMahon.  Scouts from one team have definitely removed him from their board at tackle and will only consider him now as an interior lineman.

The Kansas City Chiefs continue to be the most active team present, though the Browns have just as many scouts present.  

Kansas City spoke with Dustin Long, Aaron Francisco, John Rudzinski and Adam Seward at length today.  One Chiefs scout was focusing very intently on every tight end and running back almost exclusively.

Again, Cleveland's scouts focused very heavily on the offensive linemen.

Baltimore spoke with Timmy Chang.

The Dallas Cowboys are more interested in offensive and defensive linemen than the other positions.

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