Jason Leach Diary: Wednesday at Shrine Practice

Let me tell you that Wednesday was another great day for me. The morning stated off slow with another meeting in which all of the players spoke with Charlie Casserly of the Houston Texans. He went over what we are going to go through the next couple of weeks.  Mr. Casserly also said the way you really make a team is to play well special teams.  If you remember yesterday I told everyone I will be on coverage teams as well as the kick return unit so I'll have a real opportunity to make an impression.  

One other thing Mr. Casserly said which caught many by surprise; because your drafted doesn't neccesarily mean that you made the team. You still have to prove yourself to the coaches. The whole meeting lasted about one hour. 

The next important part of the day was getting weighed-in and measured. The only people in the room were NFL scouts. Each player walked in the room wearing only shorts. You are the only person on the stage and you get measured then the guy taking your measurement yells out your height. My height is 5' 10.5". Then I walked over to my right and stepped on the scale.  There is another guy who yelled out my weight; 203 pounds. Then I walked down the row of scouts as they looked at me like I was a piece of meat. As I walked through the doors a scout from the Jets, Saints, and Seahawks asked me to fill out some more information sheets.

Today was built up to be a big scrimmage but it was a regular practice with a little twist. When we had our  one-on-one drills today the defensive backs from the West were up against the receivers from the East.

Now with the new NFL rules you might think that the receivers have the advantage but the West defensive backs came to practice ready to play! We shut them down all day.

I had a pair of pass break ups and another interception to add to the one I snagged yesterday. The interception I got was against Kyle Orton (Purdue) who was trying to throw the pass to Dominic Robison (Florida St). It was man coverage when I made the pick.

Aric Williams of Oregon State also stole an interception on a come back route. This is the only day that we are going to be in full pads until Saturday . There were many more scouts at practice today watching our every move.

This is also the first day that we started to work on special teams. We worked on punt and kick-off . The West team seems like we are coming together very nicely in this short period of time.

Oh and before I forget ,my agent Josh Luchs and the one and only Steve Feldman were at practice watching me go to work.....cause every day that I am on the field is a work day!

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