Thursday Morning- The North

A quick look at today's final practice for the North.

NOTE: While we will try and answer your questions on the message boards it will be very difficult as we will be attending two practices daily as well as receptions during the evening.  We STRONGLY encourage everyone to register at our message board; it is free and easy!

Thursday Morning- The North

As we've stated all week the North's practice are more organized and very workman like. This morning was no-pads day but it was still run with quickness and speed.


Again, none stood out or helped themselves in fact many are going in the wrong direction. Kurt Kittner has been inconsistent all week David Garrard threw a pair of horrible interceptions and Josh McCown has been indecisive, hesitant and is not making good reads from the pocket.

Running Backs

Lamar Gordon impressed today with a good overall performance. Jon Wells again showed good running instincts and for the most part Jarrod Baxter had a solid day.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

Marquise Walker finally showed some vulnerability while Cliff Russell continued his bad pattern of inconsistent hands. Tight end Dan Graham look like a true professional and goes about his business in complete detail. Once again, the star of the show today was Antwaan Randle-El.


Once again, no linebacker really stood out today. James Allen looks like he will be a competent weak-side linebacker, Napoleon Harris is still showing hesitation to his game and Justin Ena worked hard today but lacks the great lateral speed or quickness to the ball.

Defensive Backs

Michael Lewis has shown excellent pass cover abilities in the short field, Oregon's Steve Smith is another that did well in a small area but Lenny Walls shows no ability to flip his hips and gets beat down the field as did Kevin Thomas.

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