Wednesday at the Shrine: The East

On Wednesday both teams took the field at the same time. Though there was no scrimmage, units from each squad conducted drills against one another hence offering scouts different look. As the week has progressed the two groups are starting to look more like a couple of teams rather then individuals running around the field.

Dustin Long continues to throw the ball nicely.  His arm is clearly superior Tommy Chang's and more accurate then Derek Anderson's.  Anderson still looks like a strong-armed immobile quarterback that has a tendency to spray throws.  Kyle Orton continues to struggle with deep passes but the biggest knock on him according to one scout is the inability to make plays under pressure, something we observed in person when Purdue hosted Wisconsin earlier this year.  Still a talented prospect, Orton's limitations are obvious.  Ryan Fitzpatrick once again proved to be the most complete quarterback over the course of the week.

The most popular player this week was Ryan Moats.  Moats displayed both speed and quickness. As a result he had a line of scouts waiting to speak with him after almost every practice.  Ryan Grant also impressed on Wednesday running with decisiveness and explosion during drills.  Brandon Jacobs also continued to catch the eyes of scouts with rare size and a surprising burst.

Receivers Fred Amey and Tab Perry continued to improve and both got deep several times.  Madison Hedgecock also appears to be gaining confidence and showed the ability to get deep several times at his new tight end position.

Perhaps it was the change in competition as both offensive lines looked better on Wednesday.  Doug Neinhuis, Drew Hodgdon, and Harvey Dahl all looked improved holding their ground during drills.  Calvin Armstrong continues to be one of the most impressive pass blockers in attendance but does not appear to be a very strong or physical run blocking.  He may also be the nicest guy on the field, which doesn't help him in the eyes of many scouts. 

Jay Ratliff continued to be the class of the South defensive linemen showing incredible effort and skill all day long.  Darren Shropshire also helped himself with his hustle. 

East offensive lineman Jonathan Colon has come close to passing Nick Kaczur as the best blocker present.  Kaczur continues to play well but Colon has been almost flawless all week.  Duke Preston and Scott Mruzkowski held the point well today against the West's defensive linemen. 

Perhaps no offensive lineman was a bigger winner Wednesday than Pete McMahon.  After a poor performance the prior day McMahon stopped pass rushers and several scouts took notice that he showed a mean streak for the first time. 

Lional Turner finally stood out and intercepted a pass as well as knocking the ball out of a receivers hands on a deep seam.  Turner also looked good playing downhill.  John Rudzinski had a solid day in both pass and run defense.  The Giants took notice speaking with him for an extended period of time following practice.

The three defensive backs that stood out the most were Sidney Haugabrook, Jason Leach, and Andrew Guman.  Haugabrook and Leach continued to intercept passes and show the speed and coverage abilities needed to succeed in the NFL.  Guman finally had an opportunity to showcase his physical style and in doing so demonstrated better lateral range than he had to this point.

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