Jason Leach Draft Diary

Game day started around 7AM. I went down stairs to eat breakfast and get onto the bus which left the hotel at 8AM.

Before the game Timmy Kelly, who sang "God Bless America" the night before at our banquet, led us in the National Anthem. 

The field on Friday was in great condition but some genius decided to water the field, which had paint on it, and as a result each offense had the advantage. The water and paint together made it incredibly slippery and the footing was horrible. 

Unlike a normal college game there were different rules. No blitzes, no rushing on punt return, you could only run middle wedge on kick-off return, no motion on offense, and only a few offensive formations were allowed. 

I had a good game but it could have been better, as is almost always the case . I had seven tackles. Brandon Jacobs had a couple of impressive runs for a touchdown. Chad Owens had a great day too, in which he scored a touchdown from Timmy Chang; the Hawaii connection was together again.

I have to give it up to the East team though.  After Joe Tiller stormed off the field when the squad showed up wearing no shoulder pads, they had to lead there own practice on Thursday.   Obviously they did a good job.

The East was playing much more like a team. The West team was trying to hard to make individual highlight plays and we didn't have much luck at it. When the clock showed zeros the score was 45-to-27, the East on top.

Overall it was a great experience to be with all these great players from around the country.  If the teams were able to run more plays and the field was not so wet the game would have been a lot closer. 

Now I am back in Los Angeles just relaxing. Tomorrow I start my training for my NFL career!

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