'05 Quarterback Rankings

Long overdue, here are our current rankings with comments on the top forty-one signal callers available for this April's NFL Draft. Specifically waiting until after the underclassmen deadline passed, we would expect this to change soon as the top five passers from the senior class have committed to next week's Senior Bowl and the sixth will play if healthy.


# Full Name School Year Comments
1 Aaron Rodgers California 3Jr Terrific passer picture perfect for the WCO. Possesses a lot of upside potential for the next level and presently stands as the clear cut number one choice in next April's draft.
2 Alex Smith Utah 3Jr Intelligent passer with a great feel for the game. Possesses outstanding accuracy in the short and intermediate range game with an exceptional touchdown-two-interception ratio. Solid pick anywhere starting in the middle of round one.
3 Dan Orlovsky Connecticut 5Sr Good arm and the head to start in the NFL. Not a mobile passer but a signal caller that a team can build their future around.
4 Andrew Walter Arizona St 5Sr Big armed quarterback who started off like a house on fire this season. Fizzled towards the end of the year then suffered a shoulder injury. Has the physical skills to be a starting passer in the NFL.
5 Charlie Frye Akron 5Sr A complete passer with a total game. Plays at a high level of consistency and while he lacks the huge arm, offers good upside for the next level.
6 David Greene Georgia 5Sr Underrated passer that could start in the right NFL-system. Accurate in the short field and challenges the vertical game.
7 Kyle Orton Purdue 4Sr Solid prospect with arm-strength limitations. Must develop a compact release but could thrive in a short passing game.
8 Jason Campbell Auburn 5Sr Terrific athlete with excellent size/speed numbers finally turning the corner. Does not possess a big arm yet showed great improvement as a senior and turned himself into a prospect.
9 Derek Anderson Oregon St 4Sr Streaky signal caller who looks like a world beater on one snap then an egg beater the next five plays. Great size, arm strength and physical skills.
10 Ryan Fitzpatrick Harvard 4Sr Nice sized passer  who possesses a live arm. Needs to prove he can play at a high level of competition yet a very good developmental prospect.
11 Jason White Oklahoma 6Sr Solid collegiate passer with physical limitations. May never develop into a starter yet would be an asset holding a clipboard for a franchise.
12 Dustin Long Sam Houston State 5Sr Former Texas A&M passer with solid potential for the next level. Having an excellent off-season and moving up draft boards.
13 Brock Berlin Miami-Fl 5Sr Starting to meet the potential placed on him as a freshman. Reduced the poor decisions he previously made.
14 Matt Jones Arkansas 4Sr Good athlete whose draft grade will be much higher at another position. Potential first day pick as a wide out or tight end.
15 Ben Daugherty Florida A&M 5Sr Nifty passer with solid athletic skills. Not big yet offers potential as a backup.
16 Gino Guidugli Cincinnati 4Sr Good arm but inconsistent play and poor decision making in the past weighs heavy. Coming off a solid senior campaign and has moved himself into the late rounds.
17 Stefan LeFors Louisville 5Sr Good athlete productive on the college level but a prospect possibly suited for receiver in the NFL.
18 Jared Allen Fla Atlantic 5Sr Accurate pocket passer effective in the short field. Understands the position and does a solid job leading the offense.
19 Danny Wimprine Memphis 5Sr Does not pass the eyeball test yet a solid developmental prospect.
20 Timmy Chang Hawaii 5Sr System inflates his production and though small has uncanny accuracy anywhere on the field.
21 Rasheed Marshall West Virginia 5Sr Good athlete with a big arm who could make a switch to running back, receiver or possibly safety.
22 Craig Ochs Montana 5Sr Immeasurably improved his game as a senior. Lacks the top size yet could add depth at the next level.
23 Marcus Randall LSU 5Sr Nice sized athlete with a big arm. Improving as a passer but seems better carrying the ball at the next level.
24 Stan Hill Marshall 5Sr Good arm and better accuracy but marginal durability.
25 Bryan Randall Virginia Tech 4Sr
26 Tom Petrie Northern Iowa 4Sr Solid intermediate range passer that could back-up in the NFL.
27 Darian Durant North Carolina 4Sr Terrific athlete with a big arm that could be used as a "slash-type" signal caller in the red-zone.
28 Chris Rix Florida State 5Sr A horrid senior campaign causing him to drop out of sight.
29 Lang Campbell William & Mary 5Sr
30 Jon Beutjer Illinois 6Sr Nice physical skills but lacks any consistency.
31 Joshua Cribbs Kent State 4Sr RB? S?
32 Ryan Leadingham Sacramento St 5Sr
33 Luke Samples Catawba 5Sr
34 Walter Washington Temple 4Jr RB?
35 James Killian Tulsa 5Sr
36 Littlejohn Bradshaw Morgan State 4Sr
37 Shane Boyd Kentucky 5Sr Safety? Wide out?
38 Zack Mills Penn State 5Sr
39 Chris Dapolito Duke 5Sr
40 Matt Guice East Kentucky 5Sr
41 Scott Hall North Texas St 5Sr

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