2005 Fullback Rankings

# Full Name School Yr Comments
1 Manuel White Jr. UCLA 5Sr Potential triple threat fullback that must improve his blocking. Offers a lot of physical and athletic skills for the next level.
2 Zach Tuiasosopo Washington 5Sr Terrific athlete and another solid triple-threat prospect. Has durability and character issues but offers good upside.
3 Kevin Dudley Michigan 5Sr Throw-back lead blocker in the traditional mode. Plays with a warrior mentality.  Excellent blocker that opens big holes for the running game.
4 Talib Humphrey Miami-Fl 5Sr Underrated prospect with terrific physical skills and upside potential. Needs repetition and playing time but can play at the next level.
5 Justin Green Montana 4Sr Powerful short yardage runner effective carrying the ball. Improved his blocking as a senior and offers a variety of skills.
6 Will Matthews Texas 5Sr King sized fullback who looks like an offensive lineman in the backfield. Nasty blocker who takes opponents out, removing them from the play. Marginal offensive potential.
7 Darnell Jones Mississippi State 5Sr Explosive athlete who got his game back on track as a senior. Overlooked in scouting circles yet has the potential to be a triple threat player.
8 Paul Jefferson Penn State 5Sr King sized blocker who dominates the opposition. Limited skills handling the ball but a solid lead blocker at the next level.
9 Keith Joseph Texas A&M 5Sr Tough, short yardage runner who gives effort blocking. Quick in his head, immediately picks up assignments and does a solid job controlling defenders.
10 Noah Herron Northwestern 5Sr Collegiate ball carrier who projects to fullback at the next level. Offensive threat with the size to be a lead blocker.
11 Kyle Eckel Navy 4Sr Intense competitor who goes hard. Marginal size\speed numbers for the next level yet could have a coach fall in love with his attitude.
12 John Goldsberry Purdue 5Sr Former linebacker with the size and explosion to be a lead blocker.
13 Matthew Tant Vanderbilt 4Jr Nasty, explosive prospect.  Marginal size and does not finish blocks.
14 Robert Douglas Memphis 5Sr Resilient fullback that's done a terrific job opening holes for Deangelo Williams. Possesses the body type for the next level and could be a bargain late in the draft.
15 Branden Joe Ohio State 5Sr Hard working lead blocker used as Ohio State's main ball carrier this year. Lacks the speed for running back and overall size to be a lead blocker.
16 Issa Banna Northwestern St 5Sr
17 Jonathan Evans Baylor 5Sr
18 Rick Razzano Mississippi 5Sr
19 Jeremy Thomas Georgia 5Sr
20 Pat Norton UCLA 5Sr
21 Steve Kriewald Nebraska 5Sr
22 Matt Phillips Edinboro 4Sr

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