'05 Running Bank Rankings

One of the better classes to come out in a long while, the 2005 crop of running backs is talented and deep. Twelve could be headed into the first day with three more on the cusp. A trio could be gone before the 20th pick of round one.

2005 Running Back Rankings

# Name School Yr Comments
1 Cedric Benson Texas 4Sr Big, powerful runner who takes over games. Barrels over opponents or runs around them. Possesses outstanding size\speed numbers and terrific football instinct but has character questions.
2 Ronnie Brown Auburn 5Sr Complete back who really improved his overall football skills as a senior. Outstanding size\speed\strength numbers with the abilities to take it through the middle or bounce around tackle. Solid pass catcher and good blocker.
3 Carnell Williams Auburn 4Sr Slippery, elusive back with great explosion and speed. Excellent punt returner which enhances his value.
4 Marion Barber III Minnesota 3Jr Smart yet powerful prospect with good upside. Combines vision, size and running intellect.
5 Eric Shelton Louisville 4Jr Big, physical specimen with excellent upside for the next level. Runs through or around opponents. Strong yet good football intelligence.
6 Ciatrick Fason Florida 4Jr Quick ball carrier with a penchant for breaking a long one. Looks like he's laboring on the field yet consistently gets the job done.
7 Vernand Morency Oklahoma State 4Jr Explosive ball carrier with home run hitting abilities. Quick through the small openings on the field and tough to bring down. More of a straight-line back.
8 Ryan Moats Louisiana Tech 3Jr Compact runner with speed as well as the ability to elude defenders. Developing pass catcher who has solid prospects as a situational runner at the next level.
9 Frank Gore Miami-Fl 4Jr Explosive back with a complete game but rickety knees. Possesses the skills to be a top 15 selection yet medical concerns will push him into the late part of day one.
10 J.J. Arrington California 4Sr Explosive runner with a compact build and excellent ball carrying skill. Instinctive, fast and very productive. Potential third down runner at the next level.
11 Kay Jay Harris West Virginia 4Sr Good athlete that can carry the load on the inside when healthy. A lot of durability questions.
12 Brandon Jacobs Southern Illinois 5Sr King sized ball carrier with surprising speed. Carries the crowd for several yards yet displays the ability to run around opponents.
13 Anthony Davis Wisconsin 5Sr Productive collegiate runner with an array of skills. Third down back at the next level as he lacks the size and durability to be a feature ball handler.
14 T.A. McLendon North Carolina State 3Jr Nice sized ball carrier with outstanding skills. Sets defenders up, then bounces around opponents or runs through them. Serious injury issues.
15 Darren Sproles Kansas State 4Sr Productive collegiate runner with a complete game and a prospect that stands out on film. Effective carrying the ball, catching it or returning punts. Marginal size limits his upside for the next level.
16 Nehemiah Broughton Citadel 4Sr Nice sized back with excellent ball carrying intangibles. Strong enough to run through defenders yet smart enough to find the hole and avoid the hit.
17 Walter Reyes Syracuse 5Sr Solid prospect that plays bigger than his measured size yet slower then his timed speed. Potential third down back or situational runner at the next level.
18 Cedric Houston Tennessee 4Sr Explosive athlete that flashes skill. Never played at a consistent level or took hold of the opportunities to prove himself to NFL scouts.
19 Lionel Gates Louisville 4Sr Strong, straight-line runner with solid size\speed numbers. Injury problems slowed his progress as a senior.
20 Alex Haynes Central Florida 5Sr Playing injured and having a tough senior campaign.
21 Ryan Grant Notre Dame 4Sr
22 Deandra Cobb Michigan State 5Sr
23 Alvin Pearman Virginia 4Sr
24 Bobby Purify Colorado 5Sr
25 DeCori Birmingham Arkansas 4Sr
26 Lydell Ross Ohio State 4Sr Good size and skill when focused on the task at hand.
27 Jamaal Branch Colgate 5Sr
28 Earl Charles Marshall 4Sr Elusive runner with marginal playing speed.
29 Marty Johnson Utah 6Sr
30 Anthony Sherrell Eastern Michigan 4Sr
31 Kenny Washington Oregon 5Sr
32 Chad Scott North Carolina 5Sr
33 Dwight Wright Oregon State 5Sr
34 Ryan Fuqua Portland State 5Sr
35 Jabari Davis Tennessee 4Sr A half-back in a fullbacks body.
36 Maurice Hall Ohio State 4Sr
37 David Underwood Michigan 4Sr
38 Ray Hudson Alabama 5Sr
39 Damien Nash Missouri 3Jr
40 Chance Kretschmer Nevada 5Sr medical
41 Charles Anthony Tenn St 4Sr
42 Sam Maldonado Maryland 5Sr
43 Mike Jemison Indiana-Pa 5Sr
44 Jacque Lewis North Car 4Sr
45 Howard Jackson UTEP 4Sr
46 Kenneth Tolon Stanford 4Sr
47 Chris Bruhn Wash St 5Sr
48 Tyson Thompson San Jose St 4Jr
49 Terry Jackson Southern Illi 5Sr
50 Roland Colbert Howard 5Sr
51 DeWhitt Betterson Troy State 5Sr
52 D.D. Cox New Mexico 5Sr
53 Mike Jemison Indiana (Pa) 5Sr
54 Marvin Townes East Carolina 5Sr
55 Derrick Johnese N'western St 4Jr
56 Roger Robinson North Ariz 5Sr
57 Micheaux Hollingsworth NC A&T 4Sr
58 Terry Butler Villanova 4Sr
59 Jermelle Lewis Iowa 5Sr Medical
60 Marcus Williams Maine 4Sr
61 Richard Hall Cincinnati 5Sr
62 Derron Parquet Memphis 5Sr
63 Art Brown East Carolina 5Sr

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