Senior Bowl South Team Practice Reports -Updated

Daily practice reports from the South Squad practices. Coaching Staff for this years South Team will be from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.<br><br> Check back often for updates.

2005 Senior Bowl South Team Daily Practice Reports

Player  Position  School  Height  Weight  Arm  Hand 
Jason Campbell QB Auburn 6041  228  33  9
Weigh-In Notes: Thin arms, small gut
Monday Practice Notes:  Best quarterback on the South squad today. Showed a solid arm displaying good zip on thirty yard seam throws.  Threw nice spirals and crisp on the outs.  Really did not miss a throw all afternoon.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Holds ball high and has quick release with no tapping of ball prior to the release. Shows a nice play-fake and was solid on intermediate routes. Showed good arm strength. Was able to move in and out of the pocket well and hit his receivers in stride. Too much air under the ball on the few deep passes he made. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Regressed a little from Tuesday's practice. Throws weren't as crisp. Had a pass knocked down at the line by LSU end Marcus Spears which Spears caught for an interception. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Not as good as the previous sessions. Timing and accuracy were off. 
Analysis:  Kept the momentum going from his senior campaign and solidified himself as a top sixty selection. Proved he is capable of handling the timing and accuracy needed to run a west coast offense. Did not have the opportunity to throw the ball farther then 30-yards, which was disappointing. Overall a good week. 
David Greene QB Georgia 6029  223  33  9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: No definition, looks weak
Monday Practice Notes:  Terrible session- weak arm with wobbly passes.  Off with his throws most of the day.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Solid yet non-descript practice. Made all the necessary throws but wasn't asked to air the ball out either. Did a good job of getting the ball out of his hand before the pass rush could get close enough to him. Timed his passes well. Was relatively sharp most of the day though his passes still wobble. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid practice. Showed good footwork and his passes were on target. Still, he was not asked to throw the ball deep much. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Much better in every aspect. Passes had more zip and his timing was perfect. Much more accurate. 
Analysis:  After a tough first day picked it up and was very solid by the final practice on Thursday. May not be fit for a vertical offense yet proved his is capable of backing up for a ball control ground game that employs a short passing game. 
Brock Berlin QB Miami (FL) 6010 216  31 3/8 9 3/8
Weigh-In Notes: Not huge in chest
Monday Practice Notes:  Accurate all day.  Second best arm strength on the team.  Timing was off.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Good deep ball and led receivers well. Good knowledge of their routes. Passes were accurate and he moved well enough in the pocket to get the ball away. However, he didn't do anything to distinguish himself from the other two signal callers 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid yet unspectacular practice. Was generally asked to throw the ball short or intermediate and the passes were on target. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Changes his point of release but solid accuracy. 
Analysis:  Similar to his senior season, turned in a solid performance. Made no major errors and will get consideration in the later rounds. 
Nehemiah Broughton RB The Citadel 5107  249  32  9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Very well defined
Monday Practice Notes:  Played fullback but did not show much explosion or athleticism. Drew a lot of interest after practice. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Showed some surprising nimbleness in pass catching drills. Did a nice job in pass protection as well. Did not display much strength or explosion carrying the ball. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did well again catching the ball out of the backfield. Applauded several times by coaches for his pass blocking in one-on-one drills. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Caught the ball well out of the backfield, extending to pluck the pass away from his body. Worked hard. 
Analysis:  Proved he can handle a higher level of competition and did well when asked to block. A solid combine sets him up as one of the better triple-threat fullbacks in this draft. 
Kay Jay Harris RB West Virginia 5116  232  31 7/8 10 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Flat chested
Monday Practice Notes: Good hips and showed the ability to break it on the outside.  Best hands of all the backs from the South.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Solid job seeing the field, finding the holes then getting through them. Had one powerful run were he ran over Vincent Fuller, putting the Virginia Tech safety on his butt. Hit the hole and ran through it to day light. Did a decent job catching the ball when called upon. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did a nice job of finding the cut-back lanes and seeing the holes. Did a decent job in one-on-one pass blocking drills. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Showed good moves getting through the line of scrimmage and a decent burst. 
Analysis:  Proved he has the physical skills, which no one doubted. Also answered a few questions about his toughness in a positive manner. Still, there is a concern about his durability. 
Cedric Houston RB Tennessee 5102  225  31 7/8 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Well defined upper torso
Monday Practice Notes:  Ran strong between tackles but cannot change direction or catch the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Lacked explosion in his runs but didn't do anything to hurt himself either. But again, marginal skills around the corner. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Nothing flashy but did a decent job running straight ahead and was able to move the pile. Solid job in passing blocking drills. Improved his hands out of the backfield. Used to return kicks but dropped the ball. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Did nothing to make anyone believe he is anything other then a straight-line, between the tackles runner. 
Analysis:  Physically very impressive but did not show any versatility or anything other then what he was in college; a between-the-tackles runner who cannot create and a very marginal pass catcher out of the backfield. 
Will Matthews RB Texas   6010  250  32 3/4 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Flat chested but big overall
Monday Practice Notes:  Got in a few blocks which sprung runners but not as dominant as people hoped.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Did a solid job in pass protection. Didn't get much of a chance to catch or run with the ball. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Was solid in pass blocking drills once again. Wasn't asked to run or catch much. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Caught the ball well. 
Analysis:  Not the monster blocker everyone thought he was yet did display some offensive skills late in the week which will help his draft ranking. Must run under a 4.8 at the combine. 
Carnell Williams RB Auburn 5101  206  30 3/4 8 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Cut, small gut
Monday Practice Notes:  Squirted through the small creases and ran well on the inside.  Also returned punts.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Showed plenty of explosion and shiftiness on his runs and was clearly the best back on the field. Also showed to have soft hands when catching the football. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Showed improvement over Tuesday's session on cut back runs. Great quickness and explosion through the hole. Also made several nice catches out of the backfield including one where he was split out wide and made a 30-yard reception. Gave good effort in pass blocking drills but he clearly needs work in that area. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Really caught the ball well on receiver screens and flare patterns. Displayed soft hands and extended to catch the pass away from his frame. 
Analysis:  Helped himself in as much as he showed skill catching the ball and the ability to play in a west coast offense. Overall a very nice week. 
Reggie Brown WR Georgia 6011  194  31 3/4 9 3/8
Weigh-In Notes: Six pack abs, thin arms but defined
Monday Practice Notes:  Made several solid receptions including a nice over the shoulder catch.  Surprising speed down the field.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Had a knack for finding the seam in zone coverage. Had some trouble adjusting to the errant pass. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Displayed a second gear in the middle of his route. Ran very crisp routes, juking the defender in his turn. Dropped some catchable balls. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Made a nice catch in traffic fighting to grab the ball in the corner of the end zone. Displayed a good burst off the line, strength and concentration in a crowd. 
Analysis:  Brown displayed a lot of natural skills all week. Needs to sharpen his route running and is kind of a 'tweener in that he lacks the top size and may not have the speed to truly stretch defenses. 
Fred Gibson WR Georgia 6035  194  33 1/4 9 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Thin, smallish arms
Monday Practice Notes:  Made a few nice receptions from David Greene.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Good job catching errant throws. Able to contort body to make tough catches. Best when he is coming back towards the QB. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Surprisingly hard to bump at the line. Will take the blow in stride. Glides through the secondary into the open seam. Was used on kickoff returns. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Solid day for Gibson- ran terrific routes, came back to the ball and fought for the tough reception. Displayed great footwork and quickness not only in his patterns but returning punts. 
Analysis:  Gibson showed what everyone already knew he has- a lot of innate skills and natural receiving abilities. Started off well then came to a crescendo on Thursday. Regardless- his interviews, which went relatively well here, will dictate where he ends up. 
Matt Jones WR Arkansas   6057  242  32 3/4 9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: No chest. Solid shoulders and little else
Monday Practice Notes:  Fluid, smooth and showed good quickness.  Beat opponents all day and did not drop a pass.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Uses body well to shield defenders. Looks tough to tackle and understands the need for ball security. Struggles getting off the line and lacks any semblance of speed or quickness. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Not very quick off the line but somehow finds a way to get open. Not one DB covered him, whether that is an indication of the talent he faced or his ability to run crisp routes is another question. He needs strength in the upper body as he can be pushed around at the line. He can, however, go over the defender to make a reception and had the catch of the day, a one-hander that was overthrown. Caught everything thrown in his direction, did a good job fielding kick offs and even long snapped yesterday. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Caught the ball well over the middle and used his large frame to shield opponents. Again, long snapped and though not pretty, got the ball back to the punter. 
Terrence Murphy WR Texas A&M 6004  194  31 1/2 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Good chest, looks strong
Monday Practice Notes: Sent home with a groin injury. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Craphonso Thorpe WR Florida State 6003  190  32 1/2 9 1/4
Weigh-In Notes: Nice definition
Monday Practice Notes: Beat Carlos Rogers for a deep reception.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Ran crisp routes on the day but did not show great speed. Secures ball well on reception. Does struggle when battling opponents and lacks playing strength. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Attacks the ball when it is in the air. Hustles after the reception and turns it up the field quickly. Fluid coming in and out of his breaks. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Returned punts and did an average job. Rather non-descript day. 
Analysis:  After a marginal senior campaign in which he was slow to return from injury, Thorpe did not have the outstanding week he needed to push him back into the first round. Looked no better then a third receiver in the NFL. 
Roydell Williams WR Tulane 6020  202  NA NA
Weigh-In Notes: 
Monday Practice Notes: ( Replaces Terrence Murphy who had a groin injury ) Deceptive route runner that showed some nice skills on his first day. Very deceptive speed. Looks slow but left some defenders lagging.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Shows great first step speed and ran surprisingly good routes.. Was able to blow by the corner and the safety. Very tough to cover today and was very productive on the field.
Thursday Practice Notes: Ran great routs- quick, crisp and very sharp. Also made some nice catches throughout the afternoon. 
Analysis:  A late roster addition after the injury to Terrence Murphy, Williams made the most of his opportunity and now looks like a first day pick moving towards the combine. 
Roddy White WR UAB 6011  204  31 1/8 9 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Broad back, wingspan and a six pack
Monday Practice Notes: Solid speed but must improve his routes.  Worked hard and went one-on-one with coach Joiner of the Chiefs after practice.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Alex Holmes TE USC 6013  267  32 1/8 10 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Flabby
Monday Practice Notes: Caught one pass but overall non-descript.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Ran solid routes for a big man. Baited his man coverage with good body movement. Did not show a lot of quickness or explosion in his game. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did a solid job catching the ball in the short field. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Made several nice catches in the short field displaying consistent hands. 
Analysis:  While he was consistent throughout the week nothing really stood out about Holmes game all week and at best he looked like a competent second tight end brought on the field during third and short situations. 
Cody McCarty TE TCU 6034  255  33 1/4 9 7/8
Weigh-In Notes: Small chest, good everywhere else
Monday Practice Notes:  Excellent blocking skills.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Very physical off the snap. Uses his body well to shield defenders from the ball. No vertical leap. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Look dominant at times on the line and threw several blocks which sprung ball carriers free. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Runs well laterally and displayed solid pass catching skills, extending his hands to make the reception away from his frame. 
Analysis:  Overall it was a good performance by McCarty. A combine time in the 4.7 area will push him into the middle rounds. 
Wesley Britt OL Alabama   6075  309  33 9 3/8
Weigh-In Notes: Small gut, broad shoulders and big arms
Monday Practice Notes: Very solid day.  Got into a fight with Ray Willis during blocking drills.  Showed good arm punch and looked good in pass protection with nice footwork.  Also played right guard.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Coached all day on landing his punch correctly and was beat underneath a few times. Footwork stood out and overall had a good day. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Injured early in practice and was carted off the field. Early prognosis is it could be a fibula injury. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Hairline fracture of his lower fibula. Out until at least the combine. 
Analysis:  It is too bad Britt got injured as he started to remind many of Jeff Backus from the 2001 Senior Bowl. We believe he has the skills to stay at left tackle, Whether or not he has the durability to play in the NFL is another story. 
Elton Brown OL Virginia 6043  331  33 1/4 9 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Flabby man-boobs. No definition at all
Monday Practice Notes:  Sprained his MCL and will not play this week.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Jason Brown OL North Carolina 6021  306  32 1/4 10 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Soft in middle, big back
Monday Practice Notes: Eaten alive by opponents all day.  Looked sluggish and slow.  Thrown around and his  pass blocking was terrible.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Looked a little better and held blocks once he got positioning on defenders. Showed decent athleticism. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 180-degree turn around from the first day and really stood out. Showed his characteristic strength and controlled opponents all session. Even looked solid in space. One of the few guys who stopped Mike Patterson today. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Looked solid in pass protection. 
Analysis:  Did not have the dominant week people expected. Was not playing with the first unit by Thursday. Slipped after his performance this week and no longer a lock to be a top 60 selection. 
Marcus Johnson OL Ole Miss 6057  313  35 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Small chest, man-boobs
Monday Practice Notes: Very athletic.  Looked good in motion and attacked his assignment in pass protection.  Stood out where scouts did not expect.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Looked big and strong. Stayed mostly on the inside at guard and destroyed opponents once he got his hands on them. Great pop at the point and once again looked athletic. 
Wednesday Practice Notes:  Looked outstanding in motion. Quickly pulled across the line of scrimmage and took defenders out of the action. Also did well in one-on-one blocking drills. Moved outside to right tackle for a few snaps but struggled. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Used extensively at guard. Displayed good lateral slide and footwork. 
Analysis:  His ability to move, block in motion and slide laterally this week impressed people and improved his draft stock. No longer looked upon as a straight-ahead mauler many considered him coming into Senior Bowl week. 
Logan Mankins OL Fresno State 6037  297  33 3/4 11 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Broad in shoulders and chest
Monday Practice Notes:  Disappointing. Sluggish and slow getting off ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Greatly improved and played well today. Excellent position blocker and continually walled opponents from the action. Lack of size does have scouts concerned. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Another good session. Taking well to the west coast offense and overcoming his lack of size with football intelligence. Was not overpowered rather out positioned defenders all day. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Looked good in pass protection, playing with good pad level and footwork. 
Analysis:  Did a solid job pass blocking all week which will score major points. Still a player that needs to improve his strength and run blocking skills. 
Evan Mathis OL Alabama 6046  298  32 7/8 10 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Broad chest, looks small in the arms
Monday Practice Notes:  Played left guard.  Looked athletic and nasty.  Got into a few scrapes.  Drove opponents off the line. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Another good job at guard. Strong and controlled opponents once engaged at the point. Outstanding hand extension and was able to finish. Made great use of blocking angles and even slid well laterally. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Displayed surprising athleticism and showed skill blocking on the move. Outstanding extension and arm punch. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Received reps at right tackle and looked good. Quick and solid setting in pass protection, display nice fundamentals. 
Analysis:  A nice week and may have solidified himself as a first day pick. The ability to play several positions effectively at each practice will help improve his draft stock. 
Chris Myers OL Miami (FL) 6036  290  32 10 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Nice arms, sorta flat in the chest with a belly
Monday Practice Notes:  Strong at point and moved guys off the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Average day. Used at center and had a couple of good plays where he controlled opponents but for the most part cannot adjust or recover. Also asked to long snap and the results were not pretty. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Another solid day. Quick into blocks and walls defenders out of the action with great body positioning. Long snaps have been improving yet that is not saying much. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Moved into the starting position at center. Played smart football and did not give up much at the point of attack. 
Analysis:  An excellent week for the Miami Hurricane. Took well to coaching and effectively played several positions. If he improves his long snapping will be taken in the early part of the middle frames. 
Jeremy Parquet OL Southern Miss 6062  318  34 1/2 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Tire round the center. Man-boobs
Monday Practice Notes:  Struggled in pass coverage.  Got tall and did not get push.  Played both tackle and guard.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Another tough day. Strong but not mentally aware and all over the place, looking awkward. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Inconsistent but for the most part struggled. A good athlete but seems slow to pick up what coaches are asking of him and was constantly beat in drills. Moved from right tackle into guard and had more success. Flashes skill and the ability to dominate opponents though those situations are rare. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Blocks with a narrow base and was very inconsistent. 
Analysis:  The best way to characterize Parquet this week? He was more bark then bite. An intimidating looking figure, he only occasionally plays to his size. Factor in it took a while for coaches instruction to sink in and this was almost a recipe for disaster. 
David Stewart OL Mississippi State 6057  310  33 1/2 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Gut, small chest
Monday Practice Notes:  Played well- good feet and hands- strong. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Struggles at guard, where he was used most of the day. Lacks adjustment and ability in space. Off balance and was bending at the waist. Gave effort on every snap though. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid practice and obliterated defenders once he got his hands on them. Once again struggled inside at guard. Having difficulty adjusting to the system. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Extends and bends at the waist, leading with his head. 
Analysis:  It was easy to see Stewart was out of place in the offense Tampa employed this week . While powerful at the point and a hard worker, blocking on the move or moving in pace is definitely not his forte'. 
Ray Willis OL Florida State 6060  314  NA NA
Weigh-In Notes: 
Monday Practice Notes:  
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Used at left tackle and was woefully out of position. Marginal skills at best moving laterally. Strong and easily handled opponents once engaged in blocks.
Thursday Practice Notes: Struggled again at left tackle. 
Analysis:  Willis proved this week; he has no chance to play blind side tackle at any level. 
Anthony Bryant DL Alabama 6023  345  33 7/8 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Flabby, hunched over when he walks
Monday Practice Notes: Very quick and athletic.  Beat Jason Brown several times in one-on-one drills.  Must improve his strength.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again; quick and athletic but cannot get off blocks once engaged at the point. In fact driven off the line at times. Displayed a real good change of direction. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Cannot get off blocks and easily held at the point again. Showed the ability to twist and move laterally but rarely gets penetration or makes plays. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Played hard quickly getting off the ball. 
Analysis:  In many ways Bryant looked like a contradiction this week- he's very athletic for a 345-pound lineman and easily moves about the field yet plays to a fraction of the strength one would expect a big bodied defender to play too. Has skill and strength potential so in the end he improved his ranking a bit. 
Shaun Cody DL USC 6035  293  31 1/2 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Big shoulders and carrying a little extra baggage
Monday Practice Notes:  Took reps at both DE and DT.  Great motor but did not get much penetration or show the ability to get off blocks.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again, slow shedding blocks. Occasionally flashes great explosion and decent moves but held at the point all to often. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Played hard until the whistle blew. Quick off the snap and plays with good explosion but cannot get off blocks once engaged. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Non-descript day. 
Analysis:  Cody came into the week grading out as a late first round pick and left practice Thursday much the same. His intensity and motor impressed some but he did not stand out in any single aspect. 
Jim Davis DL Virginia Tech 6027  272  33 10 
Weigh-In Notes: Good solid chest and arms
Monday Practice Notes: Great explosion off the ball with a tremendous first step.  Got a lot of penetration.  Good hand technique staying off blocks.  Played defensive tackle.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Continued to show great quickness and the ability to immediately shoot the gaps into the backfield. Lacks strength at the point and could not get off blocks once engaged with opponents. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Improving and getting better. Again, great quickness and his ability to stay low on opponents gives him a decided advantage. Even threw in a few good hand moves to get off blocks today. 
Thursday Practice Notes: A bit sluggish compared to early in the week. 
Analysis:  Davis answered question in a positive manner this week. Has great explosion and athleticism. Looked like the player he was as a sophomore and moving up boards. 
George Gause DL South Carolina 6036  268  33 1/2 8 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: A specimen
Monday Practice Notes:  Looked good- got off the ball well showing good pass rush moves.  Marginal against the run.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Some speed off the edge into the backfield and a few good moves but for the most part a non-factor defending the run. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Fast off the edge but cannot get off a block. Also displayed a bad habit this morning of mindlessly rushing up the field, not locating the ball and running past plays. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Coming off a mediocre senior campaign Gause did nothing to improve his ranking this week. 
Ronald Fields DL Mississippi State 6016  307  32 1/4 10 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Big and defined for his size
Monday Practice Notes: Struggled against double teams and got little penetration.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again- struggled and looked like a one move lineman. Too his credit stuffed the run well and goes very hard, which impressed the scouts. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Held up at the point in most of the drills. Too his credit held his ground against double teams and freed linebackers up to make plays against the run. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Fields had an inconsistent week but played hard until the end. We'll say this- he looks like a great fit on the nose as a wide bodied lineman who occupies blockers and frees linebacker to take a clear shot at ball carriers. 
Mike Montgomery DL Texas A&M 6043  271  36  10 
Weigh-In Notes: A little extra fluff
Monday Practice Notes:  Slow picking things up and chided by the coaches. A few good snaps in one-on-one.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Decent athlete with solid moves but lacks overall explosion to his game. Decent lateral movement skills. Struggles defending the run and was annihilated by Marcus Johnson on one play. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Again, looks the part but did not play to it. Had one nice snap when he got penetration up the field yet for the most part was not around the ball much. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Showed his patented athleticism and made plays laterally. 
Analysis:  Montgomery is a try hard guy with solid athleticism but was easily handled throughout the week. Did not improve his draft stock and needs to show up at the combine bigger and stronger. 
Mike Patterson DL USC 5113  290  33 3/4 9 7/8
Weigh-In Notes: Big arms and back
Monday Practice Notes: Explosive all day and spent a tremendous amount of time in the backfield.   Unblockable all practice.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again, unstoppable and continually beat blocks, got into the backfield and made his presence known. Beat opponents with quickness, defeated blocks with great hand technique and showed an excellent burst. Really improving his draft stock. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: While he came back down to earth a bit this morning, still a force who coaches applauded on several occasions. Getting a lot of penetration up the field. 
Thursday Practice Notes: A little sluggish and seemed disappointed today was a no pads day. 
Analysis:  If  he was four inches taller Patterson could well be battling for a top three slot in this draft after the week he had. That said he really improved his draft ranking and now look like a lock as a top 60 choice. 
Marcus Spears DL LSU 6033  302  33 3/4 10 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Not fat, simply big bodied
Monday Practice Notes:  Thinking to much- reading rather then attacking.  Stood up opponents on running plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Good against the run but did not show much speed at all rushing the passer, which is surprising. Still does to much thinking. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Top defensive linemen on the field today and made several brilliant plays. Showed a few outstanding moves to the inside defeating blocks then getting up the field. Rushed the edge with speed. Batted a pass away then came down with the interception in full scrimmage. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Played well on special teams. 
Analysis:  Spears improved as the week went on and looked unstoppable during the all important Wednesday practice. A good 40-time in the combine should lock up a top 20 selection. 
Demarcus Ware DE/LB Troy 6035  247  34  10 1/8 
Weigh-In Notes: Small chest
Monday Practice Notes: Looked real good.  Best first step of any defender on the South and explosive off the snap up the field.  Did not hold up well against the run and did not play linebacker at all.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Athleticism is easy to see and really stands out to everyone. Quick off the snap and has a burst but an edge rusher with little chance of defeating blocks once locked up. Solely used at defensive end for the second day though at one point stood up over tackle as a rusher. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Another solid day. Fast off the edge and displayed a good head for the ball. Exploited the big, immobile offensive tackles he went against all day. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Again, great speed off the edge and abilities making plays laterally. 
Analysis:  Ware really stood out and improved his draft stock immeasurably. Not allowing him to play linebacker hurt as had he been able to prove skills in space he would've easily moved into the top 45. 
Michael Boley LB Southern Miss 6021  231  32 7/8 9 1/4
Weigh-In Notes: Well defined upper body
Monday Practice Notes: Played on both the weak and strong side.  Good sideline-to-sideline speed.  A little overanxious and missed tackles throughout the session.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Solid at the point of attack and played bigger than his listed size. Did a decent job in pass coverage as well. Once again aggressive and almost downright vicious attacking the ball carrier. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Had another solid practice session. Showed good quickness to the ball carrier and did a decent job in pass coverage. Also looked decent in one-on-one individual drills against backs where he rushed the passer. Excellent lateral speed. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Looked good in space and in pass coverage. 
Analysis:  Boley solidified himself as a first day pick and one of the better weak side linebackers in April's draft. 
Leroy Hill LB Clemson 6004  223  32 1/2 9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Wide but not huge in a bad way
Monday Practice Notes:  Played strong side.  Got off blocks and showed good lateral movement skills. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid against the run and showed good quickness to the ball carrier. Also did a fine job in pass coverage. Fast cutting off the flanks and corners, displaying excellent lateral speed. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Used at weak side and for the most part looked good. Got confused on a few short patterns run by receivers in his direction. 
Analysis:  Hill did a solid job all week showing the ability to quickly get to the ball handler from any direction. The question must now be asked- at 223 pounds where do you put him on the field? 
Marcus Lawrence LB South Carolina 6015  237  31 1/2 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Cut
Monday Practice Notes: Solid in pass coverage and generally looked aware on the field.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Moved well and did a nice job against the run and in pass coverage. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Best day of the week so far. Outstanding pursuit of the ball carrier, good in coverage, and was great in one-on-one pass rush drills where he blew by his opponent. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Was confused by the mis-direction and did not show top instincts. 
Analysis:  Lawrence proved his athleticism, no doubt, but after this week one must wonder if he can handle a multitude of reads and responsibilities. 
Robert McCune LB Louisville 5115  245  31  9
Weigh-In Notes: Awesome physical specimen. Stole the show with his physique
Monday Practice Notes:  Looked good in the box but had trouble in pass coverage.  Excelled tackle-to-tackle.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Plays low to the ground and explosive defending the run. Lacks overall range against the pass. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Outstanding against the run. Looks like a true inside linebacker at the next level. Pass cover skills are lacking. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Got caught up the field and out of position at times. 
Analysis:  An aggressive run stopper, McCune helped his ranking but can really be looked upon as nothing more than a two-down defender at this point. 
Cornelius Wortham LB Alabama 6007  231  32 1/4 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Cut
Monday Practice Notes:  Solid day.  Strong against the run.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Much better against the run than in pass coverage where he lacked good footwork. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid against the run again and improved in pass coverage. Did a nice job in one-on-one pass rush drills and was able to beat his man a few times. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Fluid laterally but showed better skill in pass coverage. 
Analysis:  Wortham proved himself to be a valuable utility linebacker and will now get late round consideration. 
James Butler DB Georgia Tech 6013  207  33 5/8  8 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Six pack abs, cut all over
Monday Practice Notes:  Marginal cover skills.  Face guarded opponents all day.  Showed some intensity in run defense. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Sometimes gets caught drifting instead of attacking the play. When responsibilities were halved, he played well. Is a hitter and laid some very tough licks. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Finally progressing. May have had a tough time with the defense Tampa employs. Better with his reads and cutting off throwing lanes. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Showed an improved backpedal. 
Analysis:  Looking better as the week progressed, Butler is still a long way from showing he is anything more than a run first defender at safety. 
Travis Daniels DB LSU 6001  187  31  9
Weigh-In Notes: Could add weight to his frame
Monday Practice Notes:  Excellent session.  Made a nice pick and continually located the ball in the air in man coverage, making several plays on the pass.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Tendency to play too far off the ball which leaves open areas underneath his coverage. Receiver cut routes short all day and whipped him all day. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Face guarded opponents most of the day and the coaches were on him multiple times for not looking for the ball in the air. Plays well when he can face the quarterback and the play develops in front of him. Had an interception, the second he has had this week. 
Thursday Practice Notes: A bit slow with his plant and break. 
Analysis:  Did not distinguish himself in man coverage or backed off the line. May have some skill in zone but did not improve his draft ranking in Mobile when the opportunity afforded itself. 
Vincent Fuller DB Virginia Tech 6005  185  32 1/4 9 3/8
Weigh-In Notes: Small shoulders and chest
Monday Practice Notes: Struggled biting on receivers moves, over pursuing on running plays and generally playing back on his heels.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Always seemed to be trailing the receiver in man. Flattened by Kay-Jay Harris on one play which drew a rise from the crowd. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Not good playing over the tight end in man. Has trouble sticking with receivers outside of zone. Takes bad angles in pursuit and doesn't get enough depth in his drops, allowing a couple of receivers to get past him. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Very hesitant reacting and froze in centerfield, blocking assignments. 
Analysis:  Tough week for Fuller who watched his stock drop. 
Eric Green DB Virginia Tech 5105  188  32 3/4 9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Small chest, solid definition
Monday Practice Notes: Solid in man coverage but showed poor hands for the pick.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Lacks peripheral vision. Got caught up in a number of screens. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: No practice due to hamstring injury and unlikely to play Saturday. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Overall, impressed scouts with his ability to play in man coverage. 
Bryant McFadden DB Florida State 5115  187  31 1/4 9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Good definition
Monday Practice Notes:  Tough and physical all practice.  Good speed and pop but slow locating the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Tries to cheat and will get burned. Very physical, sometimes too much as he will extend contact beyond the 5-yard rule. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Slow in the hips. Jumps routes too early and gets beat badly deep. Possesses some makeup speed at this level but not enough to say he could do it at the next level. Aggressive but did much more chasing then actual covering today. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Greatly improved- made several nice plays on the ball, deflecting away passes. Solid turning his hips. 
Analysis:  McFadden has an abundance of physical skills but showed here he needs a lot of work in every aspect of his game. The fact scouts are questioning his work ethic is a big ouch! 
Carlos Rogers DB Auburn 6000  195  31 5/8 8 3/8
Weigh-In Notes:  Cut well
Monday Practice Notes:  Inconsistent all day.  Over-aggressive and bit on double moves thrown by opponents.  Slow turning back to the ball.  Displayed a good break on the pass and recovery speed.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Best makeup speed on the field. Aggressive partially because of the confidence to make on the play. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: No practice with a hamstring injury. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  May only be able to play in certain schemes- backed off the line when facing the quarterback- yet left a positive impression on scouts. 
Junior Rosegreen DB Auburn 5107  190  32 9 1/8 
Weigh-In Notes:  Chest huge, solid all around package
Monday Practice Notes: 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Good break on the ball and provided solid run support. Made one outstanding play in pass coverage then came back and knocked Cedric Houston back off his feet; both of which got great response from the scouts in attendance. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Cheats up against the run. Can knife through the line to attack the ball. Takes solid angles to the ball and doesn't get caught up in traffic very often. Showed a knack for snuffing out passes to the running backs. Not very good in coverage past ten yards or in man situations. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Terrific day. Made one sensational pick, read plays well and led the defense. Had the coaches, who fondly referred to him as "Rosebud" raving about him all day. 
Analysis:  Greatly improved his ranking and may get late first day consideration from a two-deep defense. 
Corey Webster DB LSU 5112  197  32 1/2 9 1/4 
Weigh-In Notes: Good overall definition
Monday Practice Notes: 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Weak in man coverage. Played very soft coverage and gave up a lot of underneath routes. Also a bit slow reacting. Made some plays at the end of practice but overall not a good performance. Showed promise as a gunner on special teams. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Physical at the line but gets caught up in trying to knock the receiver's timing off and loses significant ground if he is unable to execute. Played well in zone and passed off the proper responsibilities. Still gives up a ton of receptions in underneath coverage and at times looks like he's going half speed. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Did not play to his size, and again, easily gives up underneath routes. 
Analysis:  Webster had a disappointing senior season and kept that trend alive at the Senior Bowl. 
Jonathan Nichols K Ole Miss 5105  186  29 1/8 9
Weigh-In Notes: 
Monday Practice Notes: 
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Dustin Colquitt P Tennessee 6021  207  30  8 1/2
Weigh-In Notes:
Monday Practice Notes:  Good hang time but inconsistent and shanked several punts.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Got great distance on punts, banging several of them more than sixty years. Also handled the poor snaps he was receiving all afternoon. 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: Had trouble handling the snaps and quickly getting the ball off his foot. Had him punt deep from his end zone and only booted the ball 35-yards. 

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