Senior Bowl North Team Practice Reports -Updated

Daily practice reports from the North Squad practices. Coaching Staff for this years North Team will be from the Oakland Raiders. Check back often for updates.

2005 Senior Bowl North Team Daily Practice Reports

Player  Position  School  Height  Weight  Arm  Hand 
Charlie Frye QB  Akron  6031  222  31 1/8 8 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Looks small 
Monday Practice Notes: Sharp practice with good results.  Displayed good zip, timing and accuracy on just about all his throws from start-to-finish.  Accurate down the field.  Easily the North's best passer this day.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Another solid practice. Threw well on the short to intermediate passes displaying timing and a fastball. Technically very sound. Does not have a big arm and his deep throws were off.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Another solid performance. His reads were good and he did a good job of moving in and out of the pocket. Accurate throughout the session. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Good practice, throws were on time and hit his receivers in stride. Struggled getting the ball deep as receivers were waiting on passes or adjusting backwards for throws which fell short. 
Analysis:  Had the best week of all the North passers and showed scouts a lot in terms of his ability to command a short passing offense. Lacks the big gun and  has a few technicalities he must smooth over which would make it easier for him to get the pass downfield. When all is said and done could end up being the first senior quarterback selected based on this week. 
Dan Orlovsky QB  Uconn  6045  230  29 1/4 9 1/2 
Weigh-In Notes: 
Monday Practice Notes: Struggled all day.  While he has a decent arm and was on the money in the short field, he looked bad throwing the ball long.  Under-threw many of his receivers in the deep field and overall, marginal accuracy today.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Strong but wobbly arm as his throws lacked consistency and accuracy. Footwork needs to be improved as he is slow setting in the pocket. Puts the deep pass up for grabs and puts too much air under the ball.
Wednesday Practice Notes: His footwork and reads were better but many of his throws were off the mark and it wasn't just case of bad timing with his receivers either. Very poor pass placement. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Did a better job on deep throws. Short throws were right on the money. Might have been his best performance of the week. Nice corner and fade routes. 
Analysis:  Though he improved on the last day of practice for the most part Orlovsky did not answer the call. His accuracy was poor and fundamentals worse. Right now the late part of round three is the best he could hope for. 
Kyle Orton QB  Purdue  6035  226  30 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Best of the quarterbacks, not saying much 
Monday Practice Notes:  Very good between the numbers showing speed and accuracy on his throws.  Down the field it was a different story as the passes started to spray.  Has an elongated, wind-up motion which must be made compact, as several scouts noted.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Decent practice and showed better accuracy. Takes a while to set up and throw, but the ball does get there. Deep throws were surprisingly good and his footwork was good. Did hold the ball a little long and several snaps were blown dead after he was stuck in the pocket holding the ball. Seemed to have trouble with his reads and his release point was a bit erratic.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Perhaps his best practice of the week thus far. Solid footwork, good reads, and accurate on his throws. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Spotty practice. His timing was off on a few throws with his receivers. Accurate in the short field. Wind-up and motion are very long. 
Analysis:  Orton is a passer that will continue to draw great debate and diverse opinions as we head towards April. His slow footwork and long wind-up equal a lot of picks at the next level and that must quickly be corrected. 
J.J. Arrington RB  Cal  5083  206  30 1/4  8 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Small in chest 
Monday Practice Notes: Small but very strong and was tough to bring down all day.  Also showed a bit of swivel in his runs.  Started shaky catching the ball but finished off strong in that department.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Looked sluggish on his runs and didn't do anything to distinguish himself. Average job catching the ball out of the backfield.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Not a great practice. Had trouble getting through the hole on his runs, lost out battling to catch the ball and fumbled late in the session. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Looked better today, hit the hole well and also got around end. Runs low and gets lost behind linemen. 
Analysis:  After looking like a he-man during the season, Arrington came back to earth this week. A lack of size coupled with marginal versatility pushes him out of the draft's first day. 
Noah Herron RB  Northwestern  5105  221  33 1/4
Weigh-In Notes: chest just so-so
Monday Practice Notes: Nice burst of speed on the inside.  Ran hard and gave good effort all practice.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Had several mental lapses on the field and was called for an offsides which killed a play. Also missed several assignments.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Looked good running in today's session before getting hurt. Twisted his knee though it does not seem serious. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Displayed a lot of skill carrying the ball and catching it all week. Right now a middle round choice that must display a willingness to block. 
Darren Sproles RB  Kansas St. 5056  185  28 1/2 8 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Just small 
Monday Practice Notes:  Great explosion to his game and displayed excellent speed carrying the ball.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Clearly the best back on the field. Gets around the end and is able to find daylight. Works runs and on several occasions bounced into the clearing. Although he's very small, he could make a team as third down back or special teams returner.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Looked good around end but had trouble running inside. Great foot quickness and moves. Caught the ball well. Showed some toughness getting up off the ground after Sean Considine flattened him. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Had trouble getting through the line on inside runs but got around end on outside runs. Great explosion and footwork but looks like a third grade kid in the middle of men in the huddle. 
Analysis:  The guy is so small, it is almost comical watching him stand in the huddle, yet he is tough as nails and explosive. Someone could take a chance on him in round four based on the versatility he showed this week handling the ball. 
Zach Tuiasosopo FB  Washington  6011  244  32 5/8 8 7/8
Weight-In Notes: Not a fullback body 
Monday Practice Notes: 
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did a nice job in pass protection and on the few passes that were thrown to him. Opened several large holes for the running game. He had perhaps his best practice of the week. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Non-descript yet solid week. Displayed solid skill handling the ball and attacked blocking assignments with good success. Solidified himself as a prospect who can play at the next level and a good middle round choice. 
Manuel White    FB  UCLA  6015  242 34 1/8 10 1/4
Weight-In Notes: Big arms and shoulders, has a tire 
Monday Practice Notes: 
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did a better job on his runs in today's session. Showed a little bounce. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Runs nice patterns but missed a few catchable balls. 
Analysis:  Did not stand out as hoped. While practices are more important than the game, his ability to block on Saturday will further determine his draft grade. 
Craig Bragg WR  UCLA  6003  194  32 1/4 9 1/4
Monday Practice Notes: Ran good routes but really did not stand out.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Had his best day. Ran crisp routes and caught everything headed his way. Came in and out of cuts with precision. Made several acrobatic receptions today in both the long and short field. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Solid route running and soft hands. 
Analysis:  Bragg improved his draft ranking this week and looks like a solid third down receiver at the next level. Should return a few punts Saturday,   success in that area would only further enhance his grade. 
Weight-In Notes: Nice overall 
Mark Clayton WR  Oklahoma  5096  187  30  9 1/4
Weight-In Notes: Great definition
Monday Practice Notes:  Inconsistent practice. Shows some explosion and game-making abilities yet he dropped passes and ran poor routes.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Beat everyone on the field. Ran solid routes and showed an ability to make the tough catch. He sometimes had trouble in his breaks because of his speed and slipped, but then again the turf on the field is very slippery.. He also caught the ball like a 6-3 receiver, going up high to make the reception. Left several scouts impressed.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Too quick for own good. Will dive for balls that are within reach. Has the ability to contort and make tough catch. Hustles until the final whistle – the only receiver to do that. Quickness and explosion really stood out today. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Runs hard on every play. Worked a lot with the defensive back coach off to the side. 
Analysis:  Stood out in many ways all week. Proved he is much more then just a product of the system. Without a doubt a top-20 selection, and with a good forty in the combine could push him higher. 
Vincent Jackson WR  Northern Colorado 6043  228  32 7/8 9 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Absolute specimen 
Monday Practice Notes: Lined-up at wide receiver and looked good.  Not a quick/sharp pass catcher but made several nice receptions including a catch when he boxed out a defender and came away with the grab in a crowd.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Struggled for the most part. Let the ball come into his body and had several drops. Lacks speed and quickness in all aspects of his game. Had nice ability to locate the ball over the wrong shoulder. To his credit always uses his size as an advantage and physically beats down defenders.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Fights through five yard rule. Needs help with his route running. Does not create separation. Made a solid catch in scrimmage over the middle, grabbing the ball out of traffic. May lack pure quickness for receiver. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  While Jackson flashed ability through the week, a lot of questions still exist about his play. May be better off to fill out his frame then moving inside as he could be a very good "move tight end" at the next level. All agree he needs a lot of work in most areas. 
Brandon Jones WR  Oklahoma  6007  207  33  10 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Flat chested 
Monday Practice Notes: Started off a bit erratic but straightened out by the end of practice, making a nice reception in scrimmage.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Ran crisp routes and showed physical tendencies off the line but hands marred his day.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Not fast but runs solid routes which creates space between him and the defender. Made several tough grabs today and looked good. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Looked solid all week and now gives teams needing a big, sturdy receiver in April's draft another option. A solid forty time at the combine (4.55) could push him into the late part of day one. 
Courtney Roby WR  Indiana  5116  185  31 1/8 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Cut, small arms
Monday Practice Notes: Consistent all day long.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Very impressive day. Made several deep receptions and adjusted to poorly thrown balls well. Showed breakaway game speed and outstanding concentration.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Strong on his feet. Shows good balance even when bumped. Migrates to the open zone in the defense. Displayed outstanding focus and concentration all practice long. Made a lot of tough catches down the field while also cleanly snatching the ball when battling opponents. Another great day. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Another solid day catching the ball. 
Analysis:  Quietly had one of the strongest weeks of any player in attendance. Did everything that was asked of him and did so with great efficiency. Not big nor a burner, yet looks like a solid pick in the late first day who could end up being a very productive receiver at the next level. 
Taylor Stubblefield WR  Purdue  5110  172  30 1/4 9
Weigh-In Notes: Could add weight 
Monday Practice Notes: Not big or fast but a sharp route runner who always gets separation from defenders and makes the reception.  Made a ton of catches today.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Looked intimated making the catch with a safety breathing down his neck. Best route runner on the field and made a lot of receptions.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Explodes out of stance. Precise cuts gets the defensive backs biting all day. Consistent 
Thursday Practice Notes: Production dropped from previous days. Dropped a pass or two that he normally hauls in. 
Analysis:  Earned a lot of respect for his play here in Mobile. Steady and very consistent. Lacks the size and strength to be anything other then a fourth receiver though a warm weather WCO team would be a perfect fit for his skills. 
Joel Dreessen TE  Colorado St. 6033  256  33 7/8 7 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Smallish arms, good chest 
Monday Practice Notes: From a blocking point of view he was terrible and beaten all day.  But when it came time to run and catch the ball his game stood out.  Long snapped but the results were below par at best.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Slow off the line. Worked his blocks and threw a nice crackback against Roth. Will get dirty for the ball. Went over the middle and got popped by Jamaal Brimmer yet held on to the pass. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  One scout called him "overrated" on Thursday and though a tough efficient player, really looked like nothing more then a second tight end for the next level. 
Alex Smith TE  Stanford  6036  257  34 1/4 10 
Weigh-In Notes: Very sculpted, wide shoulders
Monday Practice Notes: Terrific practice.  An explosive looking athlete who did a solid job blocking then did a terrific job catching the ball.  Stood out amongst all the pass catchers.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Another solid day. Runs very well and left college teammate Jared Newberry in the dust on one reception. Also did a good job
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Smith's size and ability to run really made him stand out this week. Caught the ball well and got decent results blocking. Moving into the second round and top 45 choices. 
David Baas OG  Michigan  6037  320  32 5/8 10 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Solid 320 (no overhand in belly or pecs)
Monday Practice Notes:  For the most part lined-up at center and was not overly effective.  Cannot block on the move or get out front on screens.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Played well at guard yet struggled at center. Once engaged with opponents he was devastating but did a lot of lunging and only good in a very small area. Gets off the ball well at guard.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Showed better footwork with the ability to slide over and pick up stunts. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Played with decent pad level. Again, better footwork and balance. 
Analysis:  Bottom line- looked dominant in confined quarters at guard and very shaky on the pivot. Even though Elton Brown did not participate, Baas did not make a statement to be the first guard selected in April's draft. 
Khalif Barnes OT  Washington  6051  304  32 5/8 9 7/8
Weight-In Notes: Wide chest
Monday Practice Notes: Excellent day- big, strong and dominant.  Looked good in pass protection and dominated defenders run blocking.  Also has a very nasty attitude.  Injured wrist did not seem to be giving him any problems.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Other then very mediocre footwork Barnes turned in another solid day. Nasty and worked hard all practice dominating opponents. Strong yet at the same time athletic. Another good session. Used on both the left and right side.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Another dominating performance. Any and all questions about his aggressiveness have been answered. Bill Swancutt was again on the end of Barnes' ire and the Oregon State defensive end was thrown on his back to the ground several times. Some feel today was Barnes best performance. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Played with better pad level, something he's been working on. Footwork was sloppy. 
Analysis:   Potentially helped his draft stock more than any other player in attendance. Several scouts and GM's stated on Thursday Barnes is now the top offensive tackle on their draft board. While we don't necessarily agree with that assertion we feel he has made a major statement to break into the first round and at the very least, will be off the board by the 40th pick. 
Dan Buenning OG  Wisconsin  6034  315  30 7/8 9 1/8
Weight-In Notes: Wide in shoulders, gut evident
Monday Practice Notes: Struggled; looked stiff, inflexible and was beaten on several occasions.  Also showed poor footwork.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Struggled again. Did not look comfortable in space and was beaten all day by the quicker defensive linemen.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Looked strong and performed better today. Struggles in motion and may only fit certain schemes. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Had a tough week and now struggling to stay in the draft's first day. 
Jonathan Clinkscale OG  Wisconsin  6017  316  33 5/8 10 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Flabby
Monday Practice Notes:  In similar fashion to his college career, Clinkscale was inconsistent.  At times he was dominant yet he seemingly had mental lapses and would get beaten when he should not have.  Easy to see he has ability.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Inconsistent. Looked sluggish at time and slow off the ball. Did turn in a few good snaps.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Again, very inconsistent. Dominates the opposition on one snap then has a mental block the next down. Got very angry at himself today after missing a block on his college teammate Antaaj Hawthorne. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Remained true to his college career all week as inconsistency was the mark Clinkscale left. Marginal chance to be a first day pick at this point. 
Junius Coston OT  North Carolina A&T 6026  310  33 7/8 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Not bad overall
Monday Practice Notes:  Solid showing but needs work.  Quick and explosive at the point yet looked off-balance and not very strong.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Improved in all aspects. Controlled opponents once engaged and showed decent adjustment. Not dominant in his base and was pushed back at times.
Wednesday Practice Notes: A bit better but still getting pushed off the line of scrimmage. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Moved better today and looked relatively athletic. 
Analysis:  Flashed a lot of good skills and the ability to handle a higher level of competition. Right now a late round choice but helped himself with his play at both center and guard. 
Rob Petitti OT  Pittsburgh 6052  361  34 7/8 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Holds all of his weight in torso and belly
Monday Practice Notes: Did not look good.  Overweight, out of shape and constantly got beat.  Several times he would beat himself up for poor plays.  Dropping down boards off of today's practice.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Left practice early with an ankle injury. Presently walking around the hotel with a soft cast on.
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Headed south...showed up overweight, played poorly and then got injured. 
Michael Roos OT  Eastern Washington 6063  312  32 1/4 9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Could add weight to frame
Monday Practice Notes: Shows a lot of natural skills and athleticism but needs work.  Has pencil thin legs and marginal strength which must significantly improve.  Did hold his own on several plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Used mainly at right tackle. Solid technician and solid athlete but again, was overpowered at times and must improve his playing balance.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Drawing a lot of interest and his natural athleticism is evident for all to see but needs to improve his balance and strength. Again, used at right tackle today. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Good footwork sliding out. Gets high in the hips which hurt his balance. 
Analysis:  Impressed a lot of people with his athleticism and natural skills. Obviously needs to get into the weight room and add bulk/strength but similar to Seth Wand who had success here several years ago then was consequently selected in the third round by the Texans, where he is now starting. 
Adam Snyder OT  Oregon  6043  313  32 1/2 10 1/4
Weigh-In Notes: Room to grow, almost slender at his height
Monday Practice Notes: Not overly athletic looking yet had a solid session.  Technically very sound and never got beat all afternoon.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Smart and technically sound. Relies on finesse and body positioning to wall away defender. Not real athletic, strong and had difficulty in motion. Has played guard the past two days.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Tough and smart but got pushed back off the line several times today. Does not extend which hurts the situation. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Does not extend his arms and plays in a phone both. 
Analysis:  Impressed a lot of scouts with his intangibles, intelligence and fundamentals. Offers growth potential and should gain in strength, which he needs to do. Left a favorable impression on people. 
Adam Terry OT  Syracuse  6075  324  32 5/8 10 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Not overly big in body type
Monday Practice Notes: Showed surprisingly good run blocking skills.  At one point threw Bill Swancutt to the field.  Decent but not great feet in pass protection.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again, another good day blocking for the run and like yesterday has difficulty in pass protection. Got beat several times by Jimmy Verdon. Stood out zone blocking.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Improved his pass blocking today and protected the edge well. Impressed plenty of people with his toughness; hurt himself and came out. Though obviously in pain went back into the line-up. Finally crumpled to the ground and was walked off the field. Minor injury which was believed to be a wrist or rib problem. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:   Improved on what scouts thought was a weakness, run blocking, and pass protected well late in the week. All-in-all a good Senior Bowl for Terry. 
Justin Geisinger OT  Vanderbilt 6040  330  NA NA
Weigh-In Notes: 
Monday Practice Notes: 
Tuesday Practice Notes: (replaced Rob Pettiti)
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid outing for his first day in Mobile. Used at both tackle and guard. Great build and stout at the point. Locked Matt Roth from the edge a couple of times and destroyed a few defenders run blocking. Overextends which hurts his ability to finish and does a bit of grabbing with his hands.
Thursday Practice Notes: Got good push and pop at point. Worked hard all practice. 
Analysis:  Made the most of his limited time here and improved his draft ranking. 
Lorenzo Alexander DT  Cal  6014  290  32 9 1/4
Weigh-In Notes: Small gut, not bad overall
Monday Practice Notes: Looked explosive and showed solid strength getting a decent amount of push up the field.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Quick and looked athletic, moving well laterally. Not strong and was overpowered by opponents on several occasions. Made a few nice plays exploding off the ball between double teams. Looked good in pass rush drills.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Displayed excellent explosion again and made a lot of plays wedging between blocks. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Good explosion and lateral movement skills. 
Analysis:  Had people talking because of his explosion and hustle. Second day pick but left a good impression here. 
Jonathan Babineaux DT  Iowa  6017  279  32 5/8 9 5/8
Weight-In Notes: A little bounce in chest, not tight
Monday Practice Notes: Solid session. His explosion off the snap really stands out and while he was handled at times by opposing blockers, kept his feet and made plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Super explosive and fast. Was able to to change direction with ease and fast up the field. Got a lot of penetration but cannot get off blocks once opponents get their hands on him.
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Started strong then sort of faded. Overall graded highly for the week and could slide into the first round. 
Atiyyah Ellison DT  Missouri  6035  305  33 3/4 8 7/8
Weigh-In Notes: A solid 305
Monday Practice Notes:  A very athletic defender that stands out.  Tough to knock off his feet and beat opponents on several occasions today.  Mentally not as sharp and was slow locating the ball or finding the play.  Proved he has a lot of tools to work with.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Again, athletic and quick but must develop moves getting off blocks and at times easily held up by "lesser" opponents. Also was slow taking to coaching during the drills portion of the day.
Wednesday Practice Notes: A few nice plays in the backfield but for the most part held-up at the line. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Moves very well and showed nice lateral speed. 
Analysis:  Proved what scouts already knew about him; good athlete but mediocre football player. Ellison came out of the week no worse for  wear. 
Anttaj Hawthorne DT  Wisconsin  6027  317  33 1/4 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Good shoulders but flabby chest
Monday Practice Notes: Great explosion and beat his college teammate Dan Buenning several times yet not strong, especially in his upper body, and was slow getting off blocks.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Inconsistent- looked spectacular at times disrupting the action yet would be driving off the ball on the next snap. Minimal skills rushing the passer today.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Defended the run well. Explodes off the snap and quickly altered his angle of attack to get the ball carrier. Shows marginal pass rush skills and cannot disengage from blocks. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Starting to think to much rather then react and hit. Slows at the point of attack in drills. 
Analysis:  Unspectacular week, though did enough to impress a team looking for a one-gap tackle in the late part of round one. 
Matt Roth DE  Iowa  6031  263  31 1/4 10 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Six pack
Monday Practice Notes: A lot of explosion and effort but was handled by opponents.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Looked really good- player smart, tough football today. Looked seamless in drills changing direction and got a chuckle from coaches when he wrapped up and smashed a tackling dummy to the ground. Great speed and explosion up the field or laterally. Cannot bullrush or get off blocks.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Ferocious all practice and rushed the edge with great explosion and speed. Constantly chased laterally to pursue the action. Was handled or controlled by Justin Geisinger on a couple of occasions. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Went hard even in no pads practice. 
Analysis:  His speed, technique, and warrior mentality had scouts smiling. Improved his draft stock though people realize he is not a defensive end for everyone and will only be effective in certain schemes. 
Bill Swancutt DE  Oregon St. 6036  266  33 10 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Thick, broad shoulders and chest
Monday Practice Notes: Physically beaten down at the point today and could not get off blocks.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Got better as the day progressed. Was chided early in practice for playing tall and not keeping his pads low but took well to the coaching, got leverage on blockers and got penetration up the field. Long and thin- was controlled by opponents defending the run.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Displayed some terrific pass rushing moves, techniques and speed but cannot get off blocks. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Terrific speed up the field and laterally. 
Analysis:  Proved himself to be a one-dimensional pass rusher yet at the same time played hard and gave good effort. Helped himself at the Senior Bowl yet must capitalize with a good combine showing. 
Jimmy Verdon    DE  Arizona St. 6026  274  33 3/8 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Big arms, tire around center
Monday Practice Notes:  Edge rusher who could not get off blocks.  A little too intense and was called out for hitting late by Norv Turner.
Tuesday Practice Notes: One of the better pure pass rusher of the day. Explosive off the snap and fast up the field. Consistently in the backfield on passing downs yet against the run it was a different story as he was easily handled at the point and even decleated on one play.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Great explosion off the edge and displayed excellent pass rushing skills. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  One of the better pure pass rushers all week, improved his ranking. 
Trent Cole    DE/OLB Cincinnati  6020  245  33 1/4 9 5/8
Weight-In Notes: Nice back, strong
Monday Practice Notes:  Started off the day working with the linebackers and struggled.  Then moved to defensive end and looked solid making several plays up the field.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Struggled all day at all spots. Look stiff at outside linebacker in pass cover drills, sluggish moving laterally when used at middle linebacker and destroyed at the point when lined-up in a three point stance.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Did better in this session than in previous practices in rushing the passer but overall still hasn't performed at a solid level. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Moved better in space than he did earlier in the week and looked solid making plays to the sidelines. 
Analysis:  Started to come on late in the week yet will still need a great combine workout to be anything other then a late round choice. 
Alfred Fincher LB  Uconn  6010  237  31 1/2 9 3/8
Weight-In Notes: Also cut
Monday Practice Notes: Quiet day though teams were enthused to speak with him afterwards.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Had a decent practice against the run displaying a lot of quickness and explosion up the field.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Nice job against the run again and was forceful up the field. Also looked decent in pass coverage. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Very instinctive against the run and worked well in pass coverage. Explosive up the field in run defense. 
Analysis:  Excited people with his inside run stopping abilities then impressed them with improved pass cover skills late in the week. Moving up the boards at inside/middle linebacker. 
Lance Mitchell LB  Oklahoma  6015  239  32  9 7/8
Weigh-In Notes: Big arms and chest
Monday Practice Notes:  Praised by the coaches several times today. Stout at the point and displayed the ability to make plays in reverse or laterally. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: Good practice, looked good in coverage and against the run.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Solid overall day for him against the run and showed good skills in pass coverage. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Solid overall performance and moved well. Effective in pass coverage and drew praise from the coaches. 
Analysis:  Did a nice job and from the start of the season through Senior Bowl week, continues to progress and play better off the knee injury of 2003. May have bought himself a place in the first day with good performances here. 
Kirk Morrison LB  San Diego St 6003  233  31 1/8  9 1/8
Weigh-In Notes: Thick upper body
Monday Practice Notes: Fiery guy that worked hard all day.  Showed the ability to backpedal yet still struggled in pass coverage.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Decent practice and did a nice job in coverage and against the run. Used mainly at weak-side linebacker.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Like Newberry, has been solid all week. He has shown to be very instinctive against the run and was solid in space. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Could be the best linebacker on this squad. Has a good feel for the position and moves well in space. Showed improved footwork as the week progressed. 
Analysis:  Stood out and really improved his draft grade. Displayed skill in space and pass coverage no one knew he had. Told his coaches back at SDSU that they "let me do things here you wouldn't let me do in college". Definitely receiving first day consideration now. 
Jared Newberry LB  Stanford  6004  239  33 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Broad in chest, sucked in gut
Monday Practice Notes:  Disappointed us by looking unathletic in drills yet came around in scrimmage and made several nice plays.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Probably the best linebacker on the field. Quick to the hole and showed good explosion to the ball. Also wasn't bad in coverage. Said after practice it took a while to get comfortable with his new weight- 15-pounds heavier then what he is accustomed to.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Has been one of the most consistent performers on either side of the ball so far this week. Plays well in space and has been good against the run and pass. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Didn't move as fast in space as much as the other linebackers but overall had a solid performance. 
Analysis:  Up and down performer this week and leaves with several unanswered questions. Obviously still adjusting to the weight gain and must run well at the combine. 
Barrett Ruud LB  Nebraska  6017  240  31 3/8 8 7/8
Weigh-In Notes: On small side, good back
Monday Practice Notes: Applauded by coaches early but for the most part a non-descript day.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Disappointing practice. Slow against the run and in coverage. Several scouts were quoting as saying he was an overrated prospect.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Fared better in today's session with less mistakes but overall has lagged behind the other linebackers. Intelligent and very instinctive. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Showed improvement with his footwork as the week progressed and did better against the pass. 
Analysis:  Showed himself to be a thinking man's linebacker. Played well late in the week after some rough outings early. Did not establish himself as the number one inside 'backer, something scouts considered Ruud to be in September. 
Oshiomogho Atogwe S Stanford  5106  214  31 1/2 9
Weigh-In Notes: Nice overall package
Monday Practice Notes: Solid but not spectacular. Did not stand out yet did not make any mistakes.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Beat by the double move and did a lot of face guarding. Terrible in man-to-man but played well as a roving safety. Showed good technique against the run.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Plays extremely well with the ball in front of him. They rarely through his way when he played in zone. Read and diagnosed plays well when playing deep off the line. Has great trouble in man coverage. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Received a wide amount of opinions this week depending on whom you speak with. This much is for sure- looked like a two-deep zone safety best facing the passer. If he turns in some great combine workouts like many of his recent predecessors from Stanford have done, he'll broach the first day. 
Ronald Bartell Jr. S Howard  6005  208  32 1/4 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: Second to McCune of Louisville for the best specimen at weight-ins
Monday Practice Notes: Technically sound but seemed a bit intimidated going up against big competition.  To his credit did not make any poor mistakes.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Struggled and played back on his heels. Slow locating the ball and try to outguess opponents. Moved to free safety late in practice.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Physical at the line and showed ability in press coverage. Any cut in a route leaves him in the dust and had trouble backed off the line of scrimmage or in zone. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Appeared slow breaking on the pass. Didn't show a lot of hustle. 
Analysis:  Showed a lot of physical skill but struggled on the field and did not accomplish what small school corners have recently done in Senior Bowl week. 
Jamaal Brimmer S UNLV  6004  205  30 7/8 9 1/8
Weight-In Notes: Good physique, hunched over while walking
Monday Practice Notes: Technically sound in pass coverage but did not show much in the way of quickness or explosion.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Missed an interception that he was in position to make. Showed good instincts and played smart but at the same time displayed marginal pass cover skills and better moving forwards.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Slow in the hips and doesn't have top end speed to make up the difference. Forceful against the run or anyone pass catcher who had the ball in his vicinity. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Little wide in his feet and high on the backpedal which causes his turning.
Analysis:  Solid, up-the-field, in-the-box safety with marginal ball skills. 
Sean Considine S Iowa  5115  204  31 1/4 9 1/2
Weigh-In Notes: Solid chest and arms
Monday Practice Notes: Tough and smart yet not the same caliber athlete as the other defensive backs on hand.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Showed good recognition of the play when facing the quarterback. A step slow with his over the top help for the corners and struggled in man-coverage drills.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Possesses a good feel for the play and very alert. Reads QBs eyes well yet hesitant in his reactions when the ball is in the air. Has stayed physical through the week. Knocked Darren Sproles five yards backwards on a screen play. 
Thursday Practice Notes: 
Analysis:  Tough, smart and best when his area responsibilities are kept to a minimum. 
Abraham Elimimian DB   Hawaii 5087  183  32  8 7/8
Weigh-In Notes: Nice chest and size
Monday Practice Notes: Struggled all day long.  Did not look good in the drilling session then got beat in scrimmage.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Gets hands up even when his eyes are on the receiver. Plays bigger than his stature. Propensity to get beat on the outside. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Locates the ball while it is in the air and gets his hands up. Very active on receivers. 
Analysis:  Picked it up late in the week yet looked like a nickel back at best who struggles in man coverage. 
Alphonso Hodge DB  Miami(OH) 5103  201  31 1/8 9 3/4
Weigh-In Notes: sculpted
Monday Practice Notes: Great footwork and explosion all day. 
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: Very soft in coverage and not physical at all. used be used backed off the line of scrimmage and does show a great burst of closing speed which helps him recover. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Missed on a few plays he should have made - didn't finish. 
Analysis:  Some scouts came away impressed while others were not. The Chiefs loved him, the Saints did not. Does not play like a 200-pound cornerback yet flashes skill and speed. 
Darrent Williams DB  Oklahoma  5081  170  30 1/4 9 1/4
Weigh-In Notes: Six pack, very well cut
Monday Practice Notes: Started off a little slow and did not look good in drills but picked it up in scrimmage.  Made a nice pick and a few solid plays but was chided for celebrating too much.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Best corner on the field. He was very aggressive, sometimes too much so. But he was in position to make a ton of plays. Tried to bait the quarterback on a few occasions which got him into trouble.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Intercepted the first pass thrown his way and had a second pick later in practice. Always near the ball and even showed some run support skills. Had a great day and buzz is rising on him. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Upset with the way he played but still around the ball. Good backpedal and hips. 
Analysis:  Far and away the best cornerback here. Feisty, fast and made a lot of plays on the ball. Reminded many of a miniature Fred Smoot from several years ago the way he'd jaw at opponents then back up his words. Size is a limiting factor and while many like Williams a lot, they won't touch him until the late second round as he'll never be able to consistently start in the NFL. 
Stanley Wilson DB  Stanford  5111  186  30 1/2 8 5/8
Weigh-In Notes: Another cut body
Monday Practice Notes: Looked very good. Technically sound and stood out all day.
Tuesday Practice Notes:  Strong backpedal but got beat on cutoff routes when a receiver would stop short and make his move. Also tried to jam Mark Clayton at one point and was thrown to the ground.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Has the speed to stay with receivers off the line. Good backpedal and can make the turn to run with opponents. A little light and can be blown off the line or beaten in a battle. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Continued the momentum of his fine senior campaign and turned in a solid week of practice. Improved his ranking a bit yet is still looked upon as a developmental prospect that will need plenty of time in the weight room. 
Mike Nugent K Ohio St. 5090  179  29 1/4 9 3/4 
Weigh-In Notes: 
Monday Practice Notes: Consistent during the field goal portion of the day.  No kick-off practice to mention.
Tuesday Practice Notes: Hit one of two from 45-yards and both field goals had at least ten yards to spare. Banged the ball to the back of the end zone from the 35-yard line and almost got it past the goal line from the 30.
Wednesday Practice Notes: Missed two of three from 52-yards, pulling one badly. All the kicks had plenty of distance though. 
Thursday Practice Notes: Did not try a field goal outside of 40-yards but did consistently knock his kick-offs into the end zone from the 30-yard line. 
Analysis:  A little inconsistent and did not improve nor hurt his ranking. Part of the problem was the Raider coaching staff showed little in the way of continuity of practicing field goals and kick offs. 
Cole Farden P Oklahoma St. 5097  203  29 1/4 8 1/3
Weigh-In Notes:
Monday Practice Notes: Not terrible but was a little inconsistent.
Tuesday Practice Notes: 
Wednesday Practice Notes: 
Thursday Practice Notes:

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