Senior Bowl Tuesday Notes

As reported early in the week, scouts, coaches and everyone in between was placed in the stands due to the lack of space around Ladd-Peebles Field. The stands gave each scout a great view of the field without having to move around but they could not get up-close to the action to scrutinize the plays.

It was bittersweet. While they could focus on different areas of the field and get a nice bird's eye view, they were also limited in their sight and could not focus on the small nuances that sometimes separate one prospect from another.

On a sour note, word is Buddy Ryan is in the hospital and is not doing too well. Everyone in the football community was saddened by the news. Ryan was a defensive pioneer in his heyday, bringing the 4-6 defense to a peak.

Every scout came away impressed from the mighty mite, Mark Clayton. The LSU receiver showed a burst off the line and caught everything thrown his way.

Oakland coach Norv Turner said it was a complete 360 from his performance the previous day, "Mark Clayton was a lot better today than he was yesterday. He was feeling his way yesterday. He was explosive today and made big plays."

Seattle Seahawks' defensive coordinator Ray Rhodes had an interesting day, he was scouting offensive linemen. Perhaps he knows best. What better person to have scouting offensive linemen than the master of the defense. If he believes they can foil his plans, they would be good selections.

According to Rhodes, "Number 65 (Khalif Barnes) is a bad (dude)." He meant that in a good way.

On the other end of the spectrum, Nebraska linebacker Barrett Ruud had many uncomplimentary things said about him.

"That Nebraska linebacker isn't so good," one St. Louis scout said.

The scout went on to pick on him further. It is a strong possibility that they will not be picking Ruud come draft time.

Another player who was perceived in a negative light was Colorado State tight end Joel Dreessen. Dreesen, also being used as a long snapper in Mobile, was dissed heavily by one scout, equating his senior year to high school when seniors take the year off after getting into college.

"He is living off his reputation," the scout said. "He didn't play too well last year."

Miami interviewed Connecticut linebacker Alfed Fincher and some of the questions he was asked include:

Have you ever played any position on the line?
What was your best game?
Where are you training?
The Miami scout left him by saying he was impressed with his play and would see him at the Combines in Indianapolis.

Keeping with the Miami trend, Terry Robiskie was talking to the Dolphins personnel throughout the day. Rumor is he will formally interview with them in the coming weeks.

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