Senior Bowl: Teams Picking Through Talent

Why do teams talk to certain players after practice? Was it just that one coaching session from an NFL team that blew scouts and coaches away? Not likely. The draft is a year round event for every NFL team. Every time a scout or coach talks to a player, there is a purpose and we have the who's and why's from Tuesday.

The Dallas Cowboys had to see Adam Snyder before they left on Tuesday. They were adamant about catching up with him as one scout of the team said he had to find him before he could go back to the hotel.

The 'Boys like the guard from Oregon for many reasons. Larry Allen has spent some time in Bill Parcells' doghouse, despite his Pro Bowl status. Once considered one of the greatest linemen in the game, Allen is not getting any younger and is due big money in '05. Besides that, Dallas could be looking to groom his replacement in the future, especially in the day of free agency.

As rumored, Dallas also stroke up a conversation with Leroy Hill, a linebacker out of Clemson. The ACC Player of the Year is slightly undersized but Dallas has proven that they can make playmakers out of such men. Dat Nyugen is a prime example of what they have been able to do and adding a player who had 19 tackles for a loss and eight sacks his senior year would be a nice step in that direction.

Kansas City is popular among the Senior Bowl kids. Considering how terrible they continue to be on defense, it is no surprise that they took a gander at defense. California defensive tackle Lorenzo Alexander was their target on Tuesday. More surprising, perhaps, was three Chiefs' scouts surrounding Reggie Brown. Playing pass the buck, it was a wonder anyone else got to talk to the Georgia receiver.

Oregon State defensive end Bill Swancutt got some love from Baltimore. Former defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has moved on to San Francisco and there are rumors that the Ravens could switch back to the 4-3 defense. Swancutt could also move to linebacker if they stayed with the 3-4.

The Ravens also interviewed Marcus Johnson, an offensive guard out of Ole Miss. With Bennie Anderson and Casey Rabach slated for unrestricted free agency, it is easy to see why they would be seeking depth at the guard position.

The Panthers had a very active day on Tuesday. Perhaps late to the scene because of all the east coast weather problems that delayed travel up and down the coast, Carolina made up for it in a big way.

With so many injuries at key spots, the Panthers' needs are aplenty. With Mushin Muhammed slated for free agency, they spoke with Vincent Jackson out of Northern Colorado. They also spoke with Matt Roth and Jason Babineaux, two defensive linemen from Iowa. With Michael Rucker and Kris Jenkins on the depth chart, it would seem they are targeting depth, or in Roth's case a possible replacement to Rucker who had a down year.

Carolina also spoke with Travis Daniels, a cornerback playing safety at the Senior Bowl. Their depth chart at safety includes Curtis Fuller - who plays both free and strong. In the pass happy NFL, they appear to be targeting a backup at the position or could use him back at corner depending on how they see fit.

In the morning, the Browns were the first team to act, grabbing Jared Newberry from the crowd. The linebacker from Stanford would fill an immediate need with one linebacker spot open on the weakside, a spot that Newberry has played all week in Mobile. They also talked to linebacker Robert McCune, a workout warrior from Louisville. McCune is a two down linebacker - could the interest in linebackers be a premise to a possible switch to the 3-4?

A surprise, however, was the Browns looking at running back J.J. Arrington. At 5-foot-8, 206 pounds, Arrington could be the pass receiving threat that left with Jamel White.

San Francisco, armed with the number one pick, also had a strong presence on Tuesday. They were smitten with running back Will Mathews, a Texas alum, West Virginia running back Kay-Jay Harris and Georgia wide receiver Reggie Brown. Let's be honest. The Niners have a ton of needs and first on that list are playmakers.

Harris, coincidentally, had scouts lining up to speak with him. The Eagles and Redskins both met with the young man. Harris has been running well so far this week and is deserving of the interest.

The Rams got on the board with a definite need. Looking for help in the secondary, Jamaal Brimmer was their target. Perhaps the addition of Kurt Schottenheimer as secondary coach inspired them to look at the UNLV safety. They only have one safety under contract for next year.

The Jets are looking to strengthen a spot on defense - their secondary. Virginia Tech cornerback Eric Green was getting some play from the Jets and they need help, particularly on the left side with Donnie Abraham treading water and Terrell Buckley an unrestricted free agent.

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