Prospect Interview: Eric Green

Finding help in the secondary is becoming increasingly difficult in the NFL. The five yard rule has played havoc on the league of defensive backs as they routinely get scorched. When a NFL draft prospect is rising up the cornerback charts, teams are lining up to get a look at that player.

Virginia Tech cornerback Eric Green is one player who has become popular since the end of the season with the Jets and Falcons known to be among the teams interested.  And his stock continued to rise during Senior Bowl week, despite a hamstring injury which cost him much of the week.

The cornerback has heard the whispers and isn't shy about it.

"It motivates me to be honest with you," Green says of his progress up the draft boards.  "Coming into this season, I started training – came up early.  My preseason grades were probably fifth round, sixth round.  They were late in the draft.  That right there was motivation for me.  I worked hard in order to be one of the top guys.  It is not about getting drafted and making a lot of money.  It is about getting drafted because I know I am better than the other guys.  It has been tough and it has definitely been hard work but it has been a motivation for me to come out here and show what I have and keep moving up.

"I am not sure where it is at but it is improved.  I don't put much stock into all those ratings but I know it has gotten better.  It is going to get a lot better when I shot these scouts what I can do."

Green had been labeled a bit of a disappointment coming into his senior campaign.  But with DeAngelo Hall going off to Atlanta , the spotlight was his.  He picked off three passes as a senior, two which he returned for touchdowns, and collected 41 tackles.

"I wanted to go out and prove that I am better than the rest of the guys," Green said in reference to Senior Bowl week.  "‘Here is a guy that will make an instant impact in our program and a guy with great character and no criminal records.'"

He admits he has had to answer many questions regarding an ACL injury he sustained in 2002 but his proof is in the season he just had.  Beyond that, Green has turned in some impressive forty times while in Blacksburg , topping out at 4.39 seconds.

While his play on the field has improved, Green constantly brings up his leadership off the field and what he brings to the table from a personal standpoint.  Unfairly labeled by those who don't know any better as a person who has character issues, nothing could be further from the truth.

"It is not only what you do on the field but what you do off the field," said Green.  "It is something that carries over from my college career, from what my coaches there taught me.  Character is a big thing."

And for those looking for a player with raw physical skills and an energy on and off the football field will be looking Green's way this April.  Once a shoe-in to be drafted late, Green and the first day of the draft are being linked together.

Denis Savage-

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