Mike Doser at the Super Bowl report

I talked to Rams quarterbacks coach John Ramsdell to measure his interest in the Bills' offensive coordinator job. Ramsdell acknowledged that the Bills are interested in him. "I have heard that," Ramsdell said, "but I'm pretty much just trying to get through the Super Bowl … I will talk to them."

Of course, the conversation between the two parties would occur after the Super Bowl, so don't expect the Bills to make a move for an offensive coordinator until then.

Ramsdell has been the Rams' quarterbacks coach since 1998, and has helped develop Kurt Warner. He was the tight ends coach for the team in 1995-'97. He is well-versed in Mike Martz's offensive system …

I ran into Sam Cowart. He told me that there was nothing new to report on his contract situation. He doesn't like the Bills' initial proposal regarding his bonus. And he seems pretty comfortable about testing the free agency market. "I gotta do what's best for Sam Cowart," Cowart told me. I don't think he'll be back with the Bills, unless the Bills put a franchise tag on him …

Buffalo may have trouble attracting a coach in a current secure employment situation – such as Ramsdell with the Rams – because of the possibility that if the team does poorly next season, Gregg Williams could be in jeopardy of losing his job, meaning the staff would probably go with him. The coordinator they hire has to be willing to take that risk …

Former Bills Sean Moran, who plays 25 snaps a game at right end and both tackle spots for the Rams, still keeps in touch with Phil Hansen. He credited Hansen for giving him some important advice when he was a free agent from the Bills after the 1999 season.

"He told not to go some place just because of the money," Moran said. "But go somewhere I could feel confident that the team would win."

It's hard to argue about Moran's choice …

One of the biggest surprises with the Rams is how fast their defense improved from the year before. St. Louis had the No. 3 defense in the league under first-year coordinator Lovie Smith, formerly the Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebackers coach.

Moran said he was surprised that the unit jelled so quickly under Smith. But he said the biggest reason for it was because the Rams defense is far less complicated than it was the year before.

"It's tough when you're out there thinking too much, it's harder to use your athletic talent. When you can line up and get after guys and not have to worry about, "What kind of coverage do I have," and then you're thinking all the way up until the ball is snapped, whereas here, you have to think when you break huddle – for about two seconds. Other than that, it's just line up and go."

Moran said he liked Ted Cottrell's defense because it was very simple and sound. Lovie Smith's defense is similar in principle.

The Bills, of course, ran a pretty extensive defensive scheme under Jerry Gray this season with all kinds of packages. In fact, it was a point that Gregg Williams boasted about before the season – that his team had something like 13 or 14 defensive packages in its system.

Gray and Williams simplified matters after the team was pummeled in Indianapolis in September. But still, it always seemed like the Bills were shuffling players and formation in and out every single down. Maybe they should simplify some more.

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