2005 NFL Combine Has Early Buzz

While no players ran on Thursday or had full workouts, there was still a buzz around the RCA Dome. Whether it was the many media members still discussing the Randy Moss deal to Oakland, former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett talking about his past two years away from football, or even an offensive lineman who put up big numbers in the bench press, it was an interesting day.

Speaking of Maurice Clarett, he noticeably looked in much better shape than last year when he was at the combine. He also was contrite in regard to his past mistakes, and Clarett talked about his attorney who has set him straight, so to speak.

"He wasn't afraid to tell me about my faults or shortcomings," the running back said.

What was fascinating about Clarett was that he said he looked at himself and knew he had to improve as a person.

"Sometimes I kind of looked like a joke to myself," Clarett admitted

No matter what you might think about him, you have to give him credit for being so honest.

Clarett has been training in Orange County, Calif., recently to get ready for the combine. Those close to him say that he has been training well and actually showed up two days earlier than he was expected to. Clarett will participate in all drills at the combine.

He has also talked to former University of Southern California wide receiver Mike Williams about his situation. Both have something in common in that they missed time on the fiel but for different reasons that have been well-documented.

"I probably feel more bad for him than (than I do for myself)," he said.

The other big story of the day or probably the week is the Randy Moss deal.

Scout.com polled several national writers and beat reporters and the majority feel that the Raiders made out the best in the trade, mainly because they got the best receiver in the game in return for a high draft pick that might not be worth as much in previous seasons and a linebacker (Napoleon Harris) who hasn't made a Pro Bowl yet.

Many of the writers believe Minnesota should have waited until closer to the draft to see if they could get more for Moss.

In regard to the lineman who had a big day on the bench, you'll probably start hearing about him soon -- Brigham Young's Scott Young.

Remarkably, Young posted a high of 44 reps for the day, which actually wasn't good enough for him.

"It was a little under what I expected," Young remarked. "The last few weeks I did 47 or 48."

He said his record is 53.

What's his secret?

"Holding your breath until you get to 30 (reps), then take a breath and see if you can get 10 more," he said.

Friday will bring more players and more buzz, and we'll be on hand for all the festivities.

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