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James Butler

- Many scouts think he should have more production

- Toughness questioned

- Junior year was spectacular but did not elevate his game

- Thinks his Senior Bowl week helped him immensely, mainly by working hard

- "I feel I am an all-around player."

Jordan Beck / LB / Cal - Poly

- Potential first-day pick.  Helped himself more than anyone with a  41-inch vertical jump, and  broad jump over 10 feet.  Looked outstanding; may have moved in first day of the NFL draft.

Michael Boley / LB / Southern Miss

- Looked outstanding and as athletic as any other LB on the field

Derrick Johnson / LB / Texas

- Very explosive and looked as good as anyone, if not the best

Darryl Blackstock / LB / Virginia

- Picked up after running bad 40 times.  Looked good, and a St. Louis Rams scout stated he is best LB in draft

Daven Holly / CB / Cincinnati

- Converted wide receiver

- Scouts say he has great straight-line speed

- Considered someone with a lot of upside since he has only played two years at corner

- Figures to run in the 4.4's

Marlin Jackson / CB / Michigan

- Teams wondering whether he will be a corner or safety

- Says he is not afraid to hit

- Switch back and forth from corner to safety and back to corner may have hurt him slightly

- Thinks he can play either position equally well

Dustin Fox / CB / Ohio State

- Has a brother and an uncle who played in the NFL

- They helped him prepare for the combines

- Played corner as a junior and may make the switch to free safety

- Injury concerns have knocked him down the charts after missing his senior year

- Ran well, an unofficial 4.47

Eric Green / CB / Virginia Tech

- Rising prospect that has the eye of many teams

- Things clicked for him his senior year

- Felt he had to change his game and work harder after disappointing his junior year

- Recovered from pulled hamstring he suffered at Senior Bowl

- Wasn't happy with his forty times, however

National Scouting Coordinator  Duke Babb was honored at the end of the first group of DB finished the 40's.  Babb retires after running the combine for more than 15 years

Times from first group of defensive backs.

Ronald Bartell Jr. / CB / Howard

- Ran his twin 40's and clocked in at 4.37 and 4.40

Domonique Foxworth / CB / Maryland

- Ran his twin 40's and clocked in at 4.42 and 4.40

Alphonso Hodge / CB / Miami Ohio

- Ran his twin 40's and clocked in at 4.40 and 4.43 

Marlin Jackson / CB / Michigan

- Ran his twin 40's and clocked in a disappointing 4.55 and 4.60 

Brandon Browner / CB / Oregon State

- Had difficulty breaking 4.7 on stop watches

Hamza Abdullah / S / Washington State

- Also had difficulty breaking 4.7 on stop watches

Jamaal Brimmer / S / UNLV

- Ran his 40 and struggled, clocked in a disappointing  4.90

Their was an good amount of scouts on the field this morning watching the LB's time on the 40's. 

Robert McCune / LB / Louisville

- McCune ran two very good 40's with scouts watching, 4.49 and 4.52. This was the fastest time so far by any LB in attendance. McCune is projected as a MLB in the NFL according to TFY Draft Preview and

Adam Seward / LB / UNLV

- Seward ran very well clocking in at two consistent times of 4.54 and 4.53

Michael Boley / LB / Southern Miss

- Clocked in at 4.60 and 4.65 and is projected as a OLB according to TFY Draft Preview and

Jordan Beck / LB / Cal - Poly

- Ran very well and clocked in at 4.66 and 4.58

Derrick Johnson / LB / Texas

- Johnson hand timed in at 4.60 and 4.58. Johnson is the #1 rated OLB according to TFY Draft Preview and

During DL drills yesterday Cleveland Browns new head coach Romeo Crennel watched with much interest and looked to be on site the whole time.

Demarcus Ware / LB / Troy State

- Ware ran an impressive 40 by running the twin 40's at 4.55. and 4.54

Darryl Blackstock / LB / Virginia

- Blackstock was a little slow by running a 4.76 and 4.72



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