Post-Combine News & Notes

Not even a week removed from the combine and we are still overflowing with news. Today, the injury situation on several prospects you may not be aware of. Also, what are scouts saying about some of the "character problems" that were on hand at the combine?

Injuries are an ever-present problem and while some linger from the regular season, others have been brought on from all-star games. Then there is also the question of completed surgeries, which seemingly fell under the radar screen.

UNLV linebacker Ryan Claridge had surgery on his right shoulder performed in November that prevented him from doing anything at the combine.

Tight end Jonas Crafts from UTEP is still recovering from a left ACL injury. Heath Miller was also a medical exclusion due to a sports hernia.

Kansas State defensive end Kevin Huntley is recovering from a major ACL injury on his left knee while James Davis of Virginia Tech was excused due to a problem with his left AC joint.

Fullback Manuel White Jr. injured his right meniscus during the Senior Bowl, which required surgery, and he did not participate in Indianapolis.

Wide receiver Craig Bragg pulled up lame with a right hamstring injury during his initial 40-yard dash and left the field last Sunday.

Andrew Walter is still suffering from a right AC joint injury and hopes to be ready by his private workout on April 6, possibly the only time he will get to perform in front of scouts.

Geoff McArthur was not in Indy due to a family emergency.

Lance Moore had right shoulder surgery on Jan. 5 and it is not known when he'll be full speed.

It was ill-reported on the internet that Michael Munoz did not give a good reason for refusing running the 40 at the combine; not true. It was publicly announced prior to the start of group two on Saturday that the shoulder surgery performed on his right rotator cuff on Dec. 3 would prevent Munoz from taking part in any of the workout.

Shoulder surgery may knock Erik Pears out of the draft. The big offensive lineman had the knife put to his labrum on Jan. 25 and the middle of May is the earliest he is expected to return.

While many lamented and commented on the slow time Maurice Clarett ran in the 40, it came as no surprise to scouts. One Rams scout commented, "After watching Clarett on film, one could easily tell he had little speed."

Expect Chris Henry to drop like a rock in April. He was coined a "loner" by scouts who could not figure the big West Virginia receiver out or what his problem was. Word amongst scouts is Henry evidently told Mountaineers head coach Rich Rodriguez to "go f*ck himself" last season, which is why most in the program were more than a little happy to see him depart for the NFL.

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