Florida State Pro-Day Photo Gallery

Florida State Pro-Day Photo Gallery. Many of the NFL prospects and team coaches and scouts included.<br><br> * There are many pictures, please be patient while they load.

Florida State Pro-Day 2005, all 32 teams came to watch over what FSU has to offer the NFL and many came away impressed.

Alex Barron

Alonzo Jackson

F Walker


Charles Howard

Chauncey Davis

Chris Rix

Craphonso Thorpe and Chauncey Stovall

Dave Peters

Eric Moore

Fabian Walker

Greg Jones

Alonzo Jackson

Jae Thaxton

Joe Surratt

Josh Newberg

Ray Willis

Chris Rix

Chris Rix

NFL Scouts

Bill Cowher

NFL Scouts

More Scouting

Travis Johnson

Xavier Lee and Anthony Kelly

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