Auburn Tigers Perform For NFL Scouts On Pro Day

Auburn seniors Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell were among the 16 players that worked out for NFL teams on Monday. It was no surprise to see a smattering of running backs coaches in attendance, including Dean Dalton of the Vikings and Stump Mitchell of the Seahawks.

Auburn, Ala.–- Expected first-round NFL Draft choices, running backs Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown as well as cornerback Carlos Rogers, didn't run, lift, or test for the vertical jump, but that didn't keep nearly 150 NFL scouts from coming to the Plains for Pro Day on Monday.

Wanting to see how quarterback Jason Campbell measured up against top prospects Alex Smith of Utah and Cal's Aaron Rodgers, several top-level scouts and coaches from NFL teams came to Auburn and Campbell didn't let them leave disappointed. Measuring in a 6-4 ½, 227, Campbell ran two consecutive 40-yard dash times of 4.69 seconds and also had a vertical leap of 38 inches, second only to Junior Rosegreen's 39 among the players working out on Monday.

While his raw numbers were impressive, it was in the throwing session where Campbell made his mark. With just Silas Daniels to throw to at receiver and Williams and Brown catching balls out of the backfield, Campbell was dazzling despite a strong wind during his drills. He was particularly accurate throwing the ball over the middle and had a strong roll-out session, but it was in the arm strength test where he made his mark.

Campbell throws a pass to Williams out of the backfield.

Standing at his own 40-yard line, Campbell had to keep both feet planted facing forward and throw the ball after just rotating his shoulders. With Daniels on the receiving end he first threw a distance of 40 yards. At each five yards Daniels was asked to move back. That happened until he reached the goal line 60 yards away. At that distance Campbell bounced balls two and then one yard short, a great display of arm strength into a strong wind.

"I didn't know they wanted me to throw it like that," Campbell said. "If was just trying to throw it to Silas. I probably could have thrown it a little farther. I think that if anybody had any questions about my arm strength that I answered that today."

While they didn't participate in the testing portion of the day, Williams, Brown and Rogers all went through the drills and did well. Both Williams and Brown got a chance to show pass receiving skills once again and Williams caught everything in sight. Brown had just one drop, but as one scout noted it just "made him human after all." Rogers excelled in the coverage drills and showed the explosiveness that has him a lock for the first round. Brown said it was fun to get out there and have another chance to show, not only what he could do, but how good Campbell is at throwing the ball to receivers and running backs.

"I think it was very important for him because Jason is comfortable for us and we've been together for four years," Brown said. "It gives him an opportunity to throw to guys he's comfortable with instead of guys he's not sure about."

Also testing on Monday were defensive lineman Bret Eddins, Jay Ratliff and Doug Langenfeld, linebackers Mayo Sowell and Derrick Graves, defensive backs Junior Rosegreen, Donnay Young and Gerald Williams, offensive linemen Danny Lindsey and Jeremy Ingle and kicker Philip Yost.

Jay Ratliff had a good workout for the NFL scouts on Monday.

Rosegreen had a very strong day both in the testing portion and workout part of the day. Measuring in at 5-11, 193, he ran back-to-back times of 4.58 and 4.51 in the 40 and showed good footwork and technique in drills. The same is true of Ratliff, who at 6-4, 293 ran 40 times of 4.85 and 4.98. Ratliff's quickness and agility were apparent in the drills the defensive linemen went through, which included read and recognition with the bags and a push-pull drill designed to help with the pass rush.

Another strong performer was Eddins, who measured in at 6-4 4/10, 271. He ran times of 4.80 and 4.87 in the 40 and was strong in the 20-yard shuttle drill and the three-cone drill, which measure change of direction and balance.

A player that may have helped himself as much as anyone on Monday was Daniels. The only receiver Campbell had to work with in the passing session, Daniels ran every route and caught every ball thrown his way. Measuring in at 5-11, 194, Daniels ran 40 times of 4.6 and 4.64 and was good in the shuttle drills. His performance may be the ticket to a free agent camp for the Jacksonville, Fla. native.

"He did a great job," Campbell said of Daniels. "He's got great endurance to stay out there and catch that many balls and go through that many drills by himself. I have a lot of respect for him. I think he really helped himself a lot today."

The following is a complete list of height, weight, 40-times and vertical jump for every player that worked out on Monday. Remember that the 40-times may vary greatly because they're not electronic and coming from several different sources.

Name Height Weight 1st 40 2nd 40 Vertical Jump
Ronnie Brown 6-1 236 NA NA NA
Jason Campbell 6-4 227 4.69 4.69 38
Silas Daniels 5-11 194 4.6 4.64 36
Bret Eddins 6-4 271 4.80 4.87 331/2
Derrick Graves 6-1 223 4.71 4.74 32
Jeremy Ingle 6-1 282 5.33 5.41 27
Doug Langenfeld 6-2 ½ 263 4.92 5.05 30 ½
Danny Lindsey 6-2 ½ 310 5.47 5.46 26 1/2
Jay Ratliff 6-3 4/10 293 4.85 4.98 33 1/2
Carlos Rogers 6-0 3/10 200 NA NA NA
Mayo Sowell 6-0 ½ 239 4.84 4.85 36
Philip Yost 6-0 197 4.7 4.75 32 1/2
Donnay Young 5-11 ½ 197 4.75 4.83 31
Carnell Williams 5-11 3/10 216 NA NA NA
Gerald Williams 5-9 191 4.75 4.91 36

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