Iowa Pro Day

The amount of NFL scouts and player personnel people in attendance dropped off quite a bit from last year when Robert Gallery was clearly at the top of the draft. Still, every team except the Denver Broncos had representatives in attendance.

Matt Roth, Tyler Luebke, Jonathan Babineaux, Derreck Robinson, George Lewis, Sean Considine, David Bradley, Tony Jackson, Pete McMahon and Warren Holloway were the Iowa seniors that worked out for pro reps. Kody Asmus served as Bradley's long snapper.

Bradley punted for everybody indoors. The New England Patriots rep asked if Bradley could hit some kicks outside so scouts could see his hang time.

The new field turf in the bubble caused some problems for the athletes, as there was quite a bit of slipping and sliding going on.

Considine was put through drills at a brisk pace. He was the only defensive back and there was quite a bit of interest to see what he could do.

Considine seemed a little nervous at first and was having trouble with his footing. But he came on strong at the end once he relaxed.

The Cincinnati rep appeared very interested. And the Jets rep spent about 15 or 20 minutes talking to Sean after he was through working out.

Roth and Babineaux both looked powerful and fast in drills. They also worked out with George Lewis at linebacker. Lewis really looked cut and quick.

D-Rob looks the part. He certainly possesses the talent. It's all about him going full speed all of the time.

Tony Jackson looked sharp and caught every pass thrown to him. He looked powerful on blocks. There was some talk that somebody might give him a look at FB.

Pete McMahon showed scouts that his quick footwork and ability to get off the ball.

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