Pro Day Coverage

Texas and Virgina Pro Days have wrapped up, and reports are in with breaking news on one of the top running backs for the 2005 NFL Draft. The sun is slowly creeping out in southern California as NFL scouts converge on the USC campus to workout the Trojans.

Texas Pro-Day - RB  Cedric Benson ran anywhere from 4.61 and 4.68, and only one team had him under 4.6. reports are disputing other media reports who are reporting Benson ran under a 4.6, as no team had him faster than a 4.61. Benson's pro shuttle was 4.23 & 4.47, and  3 cone time of 7.55.  and a 33" BJ. Benson's 21 reps on the bench are in question, as many scouts did not think he locked three of those repetitions. Benson's workout was not good and whether running the cone drills or pass routes he was consistent slowing into breaks / cuts

OLB Derrick Johnson looked very good in positional drills.

U.Virginia Pro Day - LB/DE Darryl Blackstock ran a pair of 40s at 4.56 & 4.61 with a long shuttle of 11.53 

Many teams had problems getting to the Virginia Pro Day because of the weather. According to a scout in attendance, Blackstock looked good in LB position drills and looked very natural.

USC Pro-Day - DT Shaun Cody weighed in at 292, and ran a pair of 40's of 5.07, 5.03,  3 cone times of 7.76, 7.94. Scouts were not impressed with Cody's overall workout and feel his stock has slipped after today's perfomance. 

S Matt Grootegoed ran a pair of 40s at 4.77 and 4.79.

TE Alex Holmes ran a disappointing pair of 40s at 5.07 and 5.04

DT Mike Patterson had a pair of 40s of 4.95 & 4.93 and a vertical jump of 32.5

S Jason Leach ran in the low 4.6 range, and had a vertical jump of 37.5

MLB Lofa Tatupu ran a pair of 40s at 4.75 & 4.74 and measured in at 6-0.

In other news, Stanford Routt from Houston once again impressed NFL scouts in his workout yesterday. Routt, who ran 4.3s at the NFL combine, looked outstanding in positional drills and many scouts feel he has secured a spot to be a first-day pick.

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