Senior Bowl Interview: Joe Jefferson

A small school from the Gateway Conference, Western Kentucky could have three defensive backs drafted in April. One making noise is Joe Jefferson who has performed well in front of scouts twice in the post-season. Here's our interview with him.

Joe Jefferson: 

TFY: After such a good performance during Blue-Gray week how do you feel your first practice went today?

Jefferson: The competition went to a whole other level today.  I was a little rusty at first but once I got loose I was alright.  They got me playing free safety and corner here, up to now I just played safety.  I was just a little sluggish at first.

TFY: What do you like better free safety or cornerback? 

Jefferson: Makes no difference. 

TFY: Do you think you can handle the mental skills of the free safety?

 Jefferson: Yeah, I can handle it, I played it my freshman year at college and then I moved to corner it would work out best for my team, but you know whatever it takes. 

TFY: They are doing a lot of pro techniques here as opposed to the Blue/Gray game where there was a lot of back man-off coverage.  How's the difference? 

Jefferson: We play press coverage in practice but we can't press in the games. 

TFY: What do you like better; press or man-off? 

Jefferson:I like press.  A little bit more physical. 

TFY: Tell me about your college teammate Robert Sippio, I've seen him several times, do you think he made a good decision leaving for the draft and why do you think he made that decision? 

Jefferson:I thought he made the best decision because you know, going to the NFL is every football player's dream, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had a good career at Western Kentucky but our whole secondary had NFL potential and everybody graduated so he just went on and left too. 

TFY: Are you going to workout at the Combine and what are you looking for numbers as far as benching, vertical leap and 40 time? 

Jefferson: Trying to bench 225 at least 14-15 times, that what they are expecting, but I would like to do above average.  In the 40 I want to try to get a 4.4 at least. 

TFY: What did you time last Spring? 

Jefferson: 4.3, it was converted to a 4.4 because of the surface; and my vertical jump I got to get up to 38-40 inches. 

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