Nash gaining momentum

He's not the favorite tailback in the 2005 NFL draft season but Damien Nash doesn't let that reality bother him.

"I'm a sleeper," he said. "Not too many people really know about Damien Nash. I think people are going to be surprised when I get picked up."

Though that may be Nash's perspective, several teams including the Oakland Raiders and the Indianapolis Colts have already shown an interest in the 5-foot-9, 218 pound, University of Missouri junior.

Nash finished 2004 strong as MU's leading rusher with 792 yards and seven touchdowns. During his last two seasons he averaged five yards per rush and snared 36 receptions out of the backfield earning a total of 281 yards and two scores.

During his March 3 Pro-Day, he turned out a strong performance but was a little disappointed with his forty time of 4.54 seconds.

"Overall I'm happy with my pro day," he said. "I think I could've run better forties, because I know I have run better forties. I went out there and thought I had a good start, but my finish wasn't as great as it should've been."

Still, not shabby career numbers for an athlete who tore his ACL in 2002 and has worked through the pain to be back at 100 percent. Perhaps it was Nash's energy that kept him going on and off the field.

"I'm very enthusiastic when it comes to being on the field. I show a lot of energy," he said. "I'm going to go out there and give 110 percent every time. I know that I'm good at running the ball. Anytime I touch the ball it just excites me and my teammates."

But Nash's admittedly cocky demeanor on the field takes the bench in his personal life. He looks to players he considers great, his stepfather the late James Howard - a former running back - and St. Louis Rams tailback Marshall Faulk, to keep him humble.

Nash is excited for the draft and is eager to give all he has for a shot at the pros.

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