Senior Bowl Interview: Jason McAddley

While in Tuscaloosa, Jason McAddley was always known as more "potential" then "production" as the big, fast wide out looked good but dissapeared for stretches at a time on the field. During Senior Bowl week he looked good and may possibly be ready to break out. We spoke with McAddley at length after the first practice.

Jason McAddley

TFY: How did you feel practice went today?  

McAddley: I was a little rusty coming out and we are behind the defense; there are only so many coverage's you can run at the defense.  Defenses usually a little further ahead than offense and not that we are rusty, we just need to get on the same page as the quarterbacks and with the running backs and offensive line.  Once we get that down, we will be alright. 

TFY: You look like you were running some good routes today, the coaches were praising you for that.

McAddley: Oh yeah, I knew I had the skills and the talent to be out here and you know it is all about getting open and reading the defense and stuff, I just like to come out here and have some fun. 

TFY: And its' about catching the ball too, which you seem to do a good job of also today. 

McAddley: Oh yeah, it never was a problem with me really catching the ball, it was a problem with them coming to me.

TFY: Let me ask you why was that, you didn't have big numbers at Alabama, you are faster than Freddie Milons, you're bigger than Milons.

McAddley: I just think with so many talented receivers that we had and running the option, there is not that many balls to go around and when you have four quality receivers, me, Freddy Milons, Antoine Carter and Sam Collins, it is just hard, you can spread the ball so many different ways.

TFY: Are you going to run at the Combine or are you going to wait for pro day? 

McAddley: Or no I'm going to run at the Combine, I'm going to go down there and run and get evaluated by the scouts. 

TFY: What are you looking for in the 40? 

McAddley: 4.39, 4.38 somewhere around there. 

TFY: How about a vertical leap? 

McAddley: About 38 1/2. 

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