Senior Bowl Interview: Terrance Metcalf

Left tackle or guard? That is the question many are asking when it comes to the pro-future of Rebel lineman Terrance Metcalf; a prospect that destroyed opponents early in his career at guard then played almost as well later on when kicked out to tackle. We ourselves asked Metcalf this question when we spoke to him in Mobile.

Terrance Metcalf

TFY: How do you feel practice went today? 

Terrance Metcalf: I felt pretty good at practice, it wasn't that easy but it was just a good practice altogether, plus the weather is pretty good. 

TFY: Beautiful, compared to last year. 

Terrance Metcalf: Yeah, not to hot not to cold, just right for football. 

TFY: Do you feel comfortable at left take or do you think you are better suited for guard? 

Terrance Metcalf:: Well I can't say, either position suits me fine, you know, I used to say I'd rather play guard before I played tackle and then I got the feel for tackle and it's the offensive line. 

TFY: What do the coaches tell you that you have to work on most, what aspect of your game? 

Terrance Metcalf: Basically he was just telling me to slow down on the outside rushes that's it. 

TFY: Are you being a little more patient? 

Terrance Metcalf: Yeah, I'm being a little more patient on them.  My footwork is fine, I just need to slow it down and be more together in my stance, don't be pushing on the first pass because the guy rushing outside thinks he is going to rush outside every time, slow your footwork down and be patient. 

TFY: What are you looking at the Combine as far as physical numbers are concerned? 

Terrance Metcalf: Shit right now I did forty in like 5.2 like 33 times on the bench and vertical 28 inches, broad jump like 8-8.5 inches, something like that. 

TFY: Have any teams shows a lot of interest in you the past couple of days?

Terrance Metcalf: The team I really talked to a lot was the Bears.

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