Prospect Profile: Jonathan Colon

Jon Colon School: Florida
Ht: 6-7.5 Wt: 317 40: 5.64 Year: 4Sr

Bio: Full-time starter at left tackle as a senior after playing with the first unit on the right side during his sophomore campaign.

Positives: Good-sized lineman with a nice degree of upside. Sets with a wide base, stays square and keeps opponents in front of him. Long legged yet bends his knees, works to get leverage on opponents and fights with his hands throughout the action. Can shuffle and slide in a small area, anchors in pass protection and an outstanding position blocker. Tough, stays with the action, and jolts opponents at the point of attack.

Negatives: Heavy legged and not effective in motion. More of a finesse blocker rather than a big, dominant lineman. Slow afoot.

Analysis: A large blocker with the versatility to play on either side of the line as well, Colon is a solid developmental prospect for the next level. Can be used on the left side in certain blocking schemes, yet may be best suited as a strong side blocker in the NFL. Must make strength gains and become more physical, yet could stick as a team's fourth tackle.

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