Senior Bowl Interview: Kendall Simmons

Yet another college tackle that may project to guard, Auburn's Kendall Simmons has been on the high road since a sustaining an injury two seasons ago. We spoke with him in Mobile and here's what he had to say.

Kendal Simmons:

TFY: Kendall how do you feel your practices have gone? 

Kendal Simmons: I feel like played a lot better today than I earlier in the week, cause I knew what I was doing.  I've learned my plays and now I can just come out and play football like I normally do.  I feel like I did pretty good today. 

TFY: Do you feel more comfortable at left tackle or guard? 

Kendal Simmons: Either one, this is the first time I actually played guard in about three years and I've got used to it.  I feel like I could do either one. 

TFY: What are the coaches saying you have to work on? 

Kendal Simmons: Well, I figure I have a hard time staying low, that is one of my weakest points.  I sometimes tend to get high and I find I've been doing a lot better job the past couple of days trying to stay low and use my hands a lot better. 

TFY: What your about your lower body strength?

Kendal Simmons: Nothing really, they say as far as my strength goes its alright, its just leverage, everyone I talk to they say sometimes I'm a little bit too high and I need to work on it. I knew that myself, so I have to make sure I have good leverage and play with good technique. 

TFY: Who is the toughest opponent you have gone up against all week?

Kendal Simmons: That is hard to say, everyone out here is good, one wrong step and they got you.  The kids from UAB have they been are real good, Freeman is long and tall and to beat a guy like me you need those long arms.  Brian Thomas has been real good as far as using his hands and quickness and stuff. 

TFY: Any teams you'd be particularly interested in playing for?

Kendal Simmons: Not really, honestly I am ready to play for anyone.

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