Senior Bowl Interview: Larry Tripplett

A candid interview with Larry Tripplett from Mobile when he tell us amongst other things, anout his senior season and his thoughts on Jerramy Stevens decision.

Larry Tripplett

TFY Draft Preview: How do you feel your practices have gone so far this week? 

Larry Tripplett: I'm still getting in the groove of football.  I've been so busy running these 40's, I'm getting in my stance like I'm running a 40, I need to get back to my football stance. 

TFY: Are you running 40's just to get into shape or to get the 40 time down for workout? 

Larry Tripplett: Just trying to get ready for that Combine. 

TFY: Your quickness and explosion are obvious, are you doing a lot of weight lifting to try to get stronger in your upper body.

Larry Tripplett: You know what, I feel like I just have improve all over, get stronger upper body, get even more faster, explosive, that is all my goal.   I'm trying to get better. 

TFY: Characterize your senior year, where you happy with it? 

Larry Tripplett: I think I should have done a little bit better.  Coming into my senior year I had a lot of hype and just didn't do what I needed to.  That is over now, so now I'm looking forward trying to get ready for the next level. 

TFY: What teams do you think have shown the most interest in you? 

Larry Tripplett: Right now Tampa Bay. 

TFY: Gotta ask you about two of your college teammates, Marcus Roberson, how do you think he did this year? 

Larry Tripplett: I think he is a good athlete, he is a natural born defensive tackle, I'm wishing the best for him. 

TFY: What about Jerramy Stevens, do you think he made the right choice of coming out? 

Larry Tripplett: That is the best thing he could have did, he is a man-child, he is ready to play the next level. 

TFY: Even though he missed half the season with injury?

Larry Tripplett: He is ready to play the next level. 

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