Senior Bowl Interview: Levi Jones

One of the better peformances at during Senior Bowl week was that of Arizona State tackle Levi Jones. We talked with him about his goals, his week and asked, can he stay on the left side?

Levi Jones

TFY: How have your practices gone so far?

Levi Jones: I had to kind of get the jitters out but today I feel like I got a lot accomplished today. 

TFY: What have the coaches complimented you on and what do they think you have to work? 

Levi Jones: They like my overall enthusiasm, I am a real riled up type guy, I try to finish people off but I need to try and get it under control a little better, not be so wild out there. 

TFY: Do you think you are going to be able to stay at left tackle at the next level or are you better off at right tackle? 

Levi Jones: I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to stay at left tackle.

TFY: Any teams showing a lot of interest in you?

Levi Jones: I interviewed with the Browns, I just had a long conversation with the Bengals, the Bears are setting up meetings with me and everybody keeps coming up to me and asking me about the Houston Texans.

TFY: Are you going to work out at the Combine? 

Levi Jones: Yes Sir. 

TFY: What kind of numbers are you looking for, physical, lifting and running numbers? 

Levi Jones: I'm hoping to get above a 25 on the rep test (bench press), somewhere late 20's, I'm hoping to go out there and run a 5 flat or 4.9.   I've been doing a lot of work with Athlete's Performance, so I feel that they have gotten me a lot faster and got my technique down.


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