Combine Session Report: Offensive Linemen

NFL Combine session reviews of the Offensive Lineman who worked out in Indianapolis this year.

Anthony Alabi/TCU: Light on feet, quick footed and active. Moved very well throughout the session.

Calvin Armstrong/Washington State: Not overly athletic and looked uncomfortable in anything other then a very small area. Struggled changing direction. To his credit picked it up as the session continued and displayed good footwork sliding laterally late in the practice.

Khalif Barnes/Washington: Looked incredibly athletic with outstanding footwork. Very active and moved well laterally. Significantly improved his already rising draft stock.

Joe Berger/Michigan Tech: Very stiff, lacking footwork and lateral movement skills. Good size but lumbers around the field.

C.J. Brooks/Maryland: Didn't look overly athletic but to his credit displayed decent footwork and the ability to slide laterally.

Jason Brown/North Carolina: Looked very stiff and struggled with his footwork. Not natural in space, struggled laterally and had trouble moving sideline-to-sideline.

Doug Buckles/Mississippi: Haphazard in his movement, lacks sideline to sideline footwork and was not comfortable in space. Gave top effort yet struggled throughout the session.

Dan Buennnig/Wisconsin: Very stiff with his footwork and looked limited in space. Effective with his hands and showed good punch.

Jonathan Clinkscale/Wisconsin: Keeps his feet moving throughout the drills and looks rather athletic. Light on his feet and good movement skills.

Jon Colon/Florida: Big, lumbering and struggled laterally or moving in any direction other than straight ahead. Had a bad session and watched his stock drop.

Dan Connolly/SE Mizzu State: Solid footwork and movement skills in space. Can shuffle or slide laterally and kept his feet moving. Good session.

Junius Coston/North Carolina A&T: Displayed decent footwork in space, movement skills and fluid sideline to sideline.

Harvey Dahl/Nevada: Bends knees and stayed low. Keeps his feet moving. Stiff upper body but overall did a good job.

Jon Dunn/Virginia Tech: Quick footed and very active. Looked athletic on the field and had a good session.

Trai Essex/Northwestern: Not fluid, mechanical and struggled changing direction.

Dylan Gandy/Texas Tech: Quick footed, moves well laterally and fluid. Showed the ability to effortlessly slide in space.

Justin Geisinger/Vanderbilt: Surprisingly light on his feet with the ability to slide laterally. Moved well for a man with such a compact build.

Eric Ghiaciuc/Central Michigan: Very stiff moving laterally, tight in his lower body and lacked quick feet. Very mechanical.

Rob Hunt/North Dakota: Looked good and worked very hard. Lacks top lateral slide skills and limited in space. Needs to improve his flexibility.

Richie Incognito/x-Nebraska: Quick footed, fluid laterally, stays square and bends knees. Looked very athletic on the field, until he hurt his knee towards the end of the session.

Marcus Johnson/Mississippi: Adequate footwork and looked very good in space. Stiff in his upper body and a little mechanical.

Nick Kaczur/Toldeo: Really struggled moving laterally and looked awful in space. More stepping then actual sliding in pass protections drills. Did nothing to make people believe he can play left tackle at the next level.

Chris Kemoeatu/Utah: Displayed good footwork and decent ability in space. Surprisingly athletic.

Adam Kieft/Central Michigan: Struggled with his footwork, looking neither natural nor fluid in space. Hurt his draft stock.

Sam Lightbody/Washington State: Keeps his feet moving and looked much better then expected. Significantly helped himself.

Dan Loper/Texas Tech: Not overly athletic. Some ability to shuffle and slide laterally yet not fluid in space.

Logan Mankins/Fresno State: Outstanding quickness in all aspects. Excellent with hands. Solid skills sliding laterally and good blocking range.

Evan Mathis/Alabama: Quick setting in pass protection and practiced with good techniques.

Anthony Munoz/Tennessee: Struggled with his footwork and showed marginal blocking range. Lacks fluid movement skills.

Frank Omiyale/Tennesse Tech: Solid athlete and moved very well. Must improve his overall technique as he steps out rather than sliding out in pass protection.

Doug Nienhuis/Oregon State: Worked his feet in pass protection. Adequate job blocking the edge. Worked hard and showed good movement skills.

Jeremy Parquet/Southern Miss: Not fluid in his movements and lacked balance. Was all over the place and seemingly did too much thinking.

Duke Preston/Illinois: Lacks natural footwork sliding off the edge and was overextending into blocks.

Leon Robinson/Georgia Tech: Decent punch with hands. Hesitant mentally, heavy legged and slow sliding out. Lacked blocking range.

Michael Roos/Eastern Washington: Looked stiff with his footwork and not as good as expected. Overall a very good athlete with solid quickness.

Adam Snyder/Oregon: Lacks top blocking range. Not quick. Great job shadowing opponents during hand drills.

Chris Spencer/Mississippi: Showed outstanding quickness and explosion. Quick off the snap, keeps his feet moving yet patient. Explosive with his hands.

Nick Stietz/Oregon: Quick off the snap and displayed some ability to slide laterally. Excellent footwork in a small area and applauded by coaches throughout the session.

Claude Terrell/New Mexico: Looked heavy legged yet ironically moves well for such a big man. Decent athlete. Worked hard.

Sam Wilder/Colorado: Not pretty but got the job done. Not quick laterally and was unable to move in anything other than a small area.

Ray Willis/Florida State: Lacked fluid footwork in space and had trouble changing direction. Works to bend knees and play with leverage.

Scott Young/BYU: Displayed great jolt and explosion at the point. Quick footwork with the ability to change direction. Keeps his feet active but does more actual hoping than sliding. Good lateral movement skills.

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