Combine Session Report: Running Backs & Fullbacks

NFL Combine session reviews of the Running backs and Fullbacks who worked out in Indianapolis this year.


J.J. Arrington/California: Good eye/hand coordination catching the ball. Displayed the ability to cutback on a dime and lose no momentum. Great footwork and explosion. Does not have the strong hands and dropped more than a few.

Marion Barber II/Minnesota: Solid footwork, cutting ability and was able to immediately slash against the grain. Decent hands catching the ball.

Decori Birmingham/Arkansas: Had to gather into cuts and was not able to immediately cutback. Good burst of speed. Solid hands out of the backfield, extending to pluck the ball out of the air.

Nehemiah Broughton/Citadel: Excellent footwork and showed both balance and quickness during the drills. Let the pass get inside him and did not present himself as a fluid pass catcher.

Ronnie Brown/Auburn: Quick footed and smooth cutting back. Not super explosive into cuts but does just enough. Soft and plucks the ball out of the air. Made nice catches all over the field

Anthony Davis/Wisconsin: Lacked top cutback ability and elusiveness, which surprised many. Had problems with his footwork all day. Also dropped a lot of passes all day.

Kevin Dudley/Michigan: Surprising running skills and cutting abilities. Solid catching the ball out of the backfield.

Lionel Gates/Louisville: Fell over his feet all day. Took a while to get it going and lacks the explosive speed. Marginal pass catcher.

Ryan Grant/Notre Dame: Quick out of stance. Solid hands catching the ball. Adjusts well to the errant throw.

Justin Green/Montana: Rarely lost momentum cutting back and displayed better then advertised footwork. Decent hands and extended to pluck the ball away from his frame.

Kay-Jay Harris/West Virginia: Takes a while to get it going. Not fluid catching the ball and continually clutched the pass against his frame.

Madison Hedgecock/North Carolina: Not a natural pass catcher as he continually lets the ball get inside him. Worked hard throughout the afternoon. Decent moves and elusiveness for a big man. Terrific growth potential.

Noah Herron/Northwestern: Decent footwork and the ability to cut back. Extends, offers the quarterback a nice target and caught ball well all day. Did not practice as fast as he timed in the forty. Lacks quickness and explosion but very consistent.

Brandon Jacobs/Southern Illinois: Did not show great body control or the ability to immediately cut back against the grain. A big lumbering athlete who looks like he's laboring when running. Showed better hands as the day went on.

Keith Joseph/Texas A&M: Excellent footwork and the ability to immediately cutback. Solid job catching the ball. Good session.

T.A. McClendon/North Carolina St: Slow to react and did too much thinking all day. Lack of speed and explosion is apparent. Caught the ball well all day, extending to grab the pass away from his frame.

Ryan Moats/Louisiana Tech: Showed outstanding footwork with the ability to quickly cut back. Immediately gets into pass routes. Did a bit of body catching.

Vernand Morency/Oklahoma State: Great explosion and quickness. Caught the ball well.

Alvin Pearman/Virginia: Caught ball very well all day. Slow changing direction or cutting back.

Bobby Purify/Colorado: Decent job catching the ball and adjusted well to the errant pass. Lacks the ability quickly cut back and displayed marginal speed.

Walter Reyes/Syracuse: Did not practice with great control and was really off balance. Slow making cuts and had to gather changing direction.

Eric Shelton/Louisville: Adequate job catching the ball. Really slowed down when changing direction, almost coming to a halt. The inability to quickly change direction or alter his course was apparent.

Darren Sproles/Kansas State: Great quickness and explosion in every aspect. Quick footed with the ability to changes direction on a dime.

Zach Tuiasosopo/Washington: Caught ball relatively well displaying good eye/hand coordination. Lacks great footwork and slow cutting back. Struggled with drills when explosion was needed and had difficulty moving laterally.

Carnell Williams/Auburn: Just tremendous footwork; has the ability to stop on a time, change direction almost 90° and not lose a step of speed. Excellent burst of speed. Decent hand catcher but by no means natural.

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