Combine Session Report: Receivers

NFL Combine session reviews of the Receivers who worked out in Indianapolis this year.

Larry Brackins/Pearl River CC: Strong hands and extended, looking the pass in. Quick feet and decent route running skills with the ability to catch the pass in stride. Adjusts well to make the tough catch. Caught ball well all session. Takes a while to get it going and really had difficulty running laterally. More of a long strider.

Mark Bradley/Oklahoma: Hand catcher who possesses relatively strong hands. Extended nicely running laterally and looked the ball into his hands. Good pass catching workout. Comes back to ball and offers the quarterback a nice target.

Reggie Brown/Georgia: Runs with speed laterally. Good eye/hand coordination. Solid hand catcher who also effectively body catches when necessary. Showed himself to be a team leader; rooted on other receivers during drills. Decent quickness running routes, explosive and consistently put himself into proper pass catching position out of breaks. Adjusts well to the ball.

Mark Clayton/Oklahoma: Practiced to timed speed. Rounded off routes and choppy footwork into breaks. Not as fluid or as good in the pass catching workout as one would think. Dropped a bunch and struggled.

Airese Currie/Clemson: Caught the ball relatively well. Good quickness and made nice receptions. Fast in all directions and ran better in practice then he timed during the forty.

Josh Davis/Marshall: Good eye/hand coordination and focus. Looked decidedly slower than the rest of the receivers.

Charles Frederick/Washington: Good job snatching the ball out of the air, displaying top eye/hand coordination. Very consistent and reliable hands. Extends to pluck the ball out of the air. Struggled moving laterally and catching the pass in stride. Had difficulty getting head back around and finding the pass.

Fred Gibson/Georgia: Good adjustment and soft hands. Snatched the ball out of the air. Dove on the field all day to make catches. Good session.

Reggie Harrell/TCU: Caught the ball well. Strong hands and adjusted well. Shows marginal quickness and sharpness in his routes.

Efrem Hill/Samford: Nice job extending to snare the ball out of the air. Very consistent catching session. Quick footed running routes.

Vincent Jackson/Northern Colorado: Natural catching the ball and caught everything thrown to him. Good adjustment to the errant pass and gets vertical to grab to throw. Struggled with his breaks and not quick footed. Gathered and over reached running routes.

Tony Madison/Kansas State: Made some nice catches, adjusting well to ball.

Rasheed Marshall/West Virginia: Did well catching the ball and ran decent routes.

Jerome Mathis/Hampton: Caught the ball well. Quick footed and did a nice job immediately coming out of his breaks and staying low. Lacks quickness and body control running routes. Did not practice to his timed speed.

Leron McCoy/Indiana-Pa: Caught ball well though he did a bit of double catching. Did not practice to his timed speed. Solid not spectacular session.

Terrence Murphy/Texas A&M: Decent route runner; quick footed and sharp. Good eye/hand coordination.

Chad Owens/Hawaii: Quick in/out of breaks but tends to round off his routes. Makes acrobatic catches.

Roscoe Parrish/Miami-Fl: Good effort throughout the entire session. Caught the ball well running full speed and adjusts to make the reception. Choppy footwork into breaks, not a quick route runner and could not control himself out of breaks. Did not show strong hands.

Jamaica Rector/NW Mizzu: Ran good routes, displaying sharpness in and out of breaks. Comes out of breaks and extends his hands away from frame. Caught the ball relatively well. Made some nice diving receptions.

Dante Ridgeway/Ball State: Good lateral speed and extends his hands to catch the ball. Made beautiful acrobatic catches all day displaying hands of glue. Very natural and fluid. Lacks top footwork running routes and choppy into breaks.

J.R. Russell/Louisville: Dove around the field to make catches. Displayed reliable, consistent hands all week.

Steven Savoy/Utah: Caught the ball well all afternoon. Extends his hands and snatches the pass of the air. Does not come out of breaks with balance. Decent eye/hand coordination.

Dan Sheldon/Northern Illinois: Effective technician catching the ball; extends his hands and plucks the pass out of the air.

Paris Warren/Utah: Cleanly snatches the ball. Fluid and extends nicely to catch the pass. Slow into breaks and lack of speed is apparent.

Isaac West/Furman: Caught the ball well with his hands. Good body control. Strong hands with the ability to snatch the ball out of the air. Must improve his route running as he showed very choppy footwork.

Troy Williamson/South Carolina: Definitely plays to timed speed and exceptionally fast on the field. So fast he was outrunning passes thrown by the quarterbacks. Shows excellent body control. Sharp running routes and quick footed. Extends to catch pass.

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