As The Clock Ticks For The Start Of The NFL Draft

As the clock ticks toward the start of the 2005 college player draft, rumors and speculation has taken center stage in what is being considered an unpredictable draft.

Holding the first selection in the draft, the San Francisco 49ers have been fielding calls from numerous teams over the past 24 hours. The Washington Redskins have been actively discussing trade scenarios with the 49ers, Miami Dolphins who hold the second-selection in the draft, and the Cleveland Browns.

Washington's pursuit of wide receiver Braylon Edwards has been consistent over the past 48-hours. While securing a trading partner into the top-three has been a difficult task for the Redskins, the attempt to secure the services of what is believed to be the best receiver in the draft has been Washington-like under the ownership of Daniel Snyder. Seeking an explosive offensive presence for their stagnant offense, Representatives of the Redskins recently visited with Edwards in Michigan, coming away quite impressed with the standout receiver.

While the price of moving into the top-three of the draft could cost Washington the ninth and 25th-selections in the draft, the Redskins do not appear to have an issue with dealing away the selections which could be utilized in building the roster on the offensive side of the ball.

Speculation among league insiders is that the Minnesota Vikings may have a deal in place with the Cleveland Browns for the third overall selection in the draft, if the right player is on the board. Seeking an explosive playmaker from the wide receiver position the Vikings have an interest in Edwards, but we have heard Minnesota has a serious interest in Ronnie Brown and Cedric Benson.

Cleveland on the other hand has been actively shopping the third-selection in the draft to all comers. In an interesting development, the Browns have discussed moving up to the second-selection in the draft to secure Alex Smith or Braylon Edwards, if available.

Late discussions between the Arizona Cardinals and Buffalo Bills did not secure a deal for disgruntled Buffalo running back Travis Henry. The Cardinals are expected to talk with the Bills Saturday morning, in an attempt to secure the services of the back, which would provide the Cardinals to fill the void at running back while providing them the opportunity to select one of the highly touted cornerbacks (Jones, Rolle, Rogers) in the draft.

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