Round 1 Review

The first day of the NFL Draft is usually filled with excitement and surprises and Saturday's selection day was no exception.

What looked to be a ho-hum first few selections was followed up by the first surprise of the day at No.6 overall. Most had the Titans pegged for either a cornerback or wide receiver (Mike Williams). They did take the cornerback but not the one that many thought they would select. Instead, they went with West Virginia's Adam Jones. He probably is better suited for the emphasis on the no-contact after five yards rule.

Following up that surprise was another one right behind it. Viking fans were clamoring for USC wide receiver Mike Williams. They did go with a receiver but not the one the purple and white faithful were hoping for. By selecting South Carolina's Troy Williamson, they get a fast wideout who can stretch the field. Williams is questionable in that area so you can understand the Vikings' brasses fascination with him.

The next surprise really caught everyone at the Javits Center off guard. Many had them pegged for an offensive tackle or cornerback. Considering their needs at those positions, it had to come to a shock to almost everyone with the selection of Arkansas wide receiver/tight end Matt   Jones. In looking at the selection further, Jones, if he develops, could be an eventual replacement for veteran wide receiver Jimmy Smith.

More surprises came to finish off the first-round in the Redskins' selection at No. 25 of Auburn signal caller Jason Campbell. Instead of addressing a need at wide receiver or defensive end, they address a position where they already have another first-round pick at the top of the depth chart in Patrick Ramsey. Obviously, head coach Joe Gibbs isn't satisfied with the play of Ramsey and is looking at a potential upgrade.

The biggest surprise of the first round had to be the free fall of California quarterback Aaron Rogers. He went from being the potential first pick overall to dropping 23 spots. The upside is that he has the best chance to be Brett Favre's successor.

After that selection, a surprise that was quite interesting was the selection of Northwestern defensive tackle Luis Castillo who tested positive for steroids at the NFL combine earlier this year. Most believed that the negative news coming out would hurt Castillo but his agent obviously did a good job of damage control.

Oh, those surprises didn't end there. To round out the selections, the Eagles selection of USC defensive tackle Mike Patterson caught the ire of their fans at the draft. Most team observers thought that they would trade up yet the team took a player that might have been there in round two. Still, he's a player that fills a need.

To close the round, the Patriots didn't look for a linebacker as many speculated, they went with Fresno St. offensive lineman Logan Mankins. Some believe he was a mid to late second round selection. The bottom line is the team has won three out of the last five Super Bowls so who are we to doubt them?

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