TFY Interview: Akin Ayodele-Purdue

One of our favorite interviews in Mobile during Senior Bowl week was that of Purdue's Akin Ayodele, a candid young man and solid citizen. We asked him about several issue's including the possability of being moved to outside linebacker.

Akin Ayodele

TFY:  How do you feel your practices have gone so far?  

Akin Ayodele: It is going good.  I'm anxious, very excited.  These guys, are all great athletes and I'm very honored to be around them.  

TFY: You look like the best athlete of all the defensive lineman out there but do you think you will play any linebacker at the next level?  Has that thought come into your mind or have the scouts talked to you about that at all?  

Akin Ayodele: They talked about it some but I am not sure if I'm going to get any reps in there.  

TFY: Do you think you can put on weight?  

Akin Ayodele: I can always put on weight.  As a matter of fact this past year I played at 260 and that is the most I've ever been, but if I have to add weight and play defensive end I can do that.

TFY: Are you working out now specifically for the Combine and the draft or are you going to school to as well?  

Akin Ayodele: I graduated so now I'm just concentrating on working out, running, lifting getting ready for the draft and the Combine.  

TFY: Who are you working with?  

Akin Ayodele: Thomas Woodson, Alabama.  

TFY: Does he have you doing linebacker drills?  

Akin Ayodele: A little bit of both.  I'm doing everything just in case.  The teams that I've talked to some like me at linebacker others like me at end.

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