Interview: Melvin Fowler

One of the unsung hero's from Senior Bowl week was Maryland center Melvin Fowler who did an admirable job every day. We spoke with him at length and talked about his college career, shoulders and EJ Henderson

Melvin Fowler

TFY: How do you feel your practices have gone this week so far?  

Melvin Fowler: I felt its gone fairly well, it took a couple of series to get the jitters out, I was filled with a lot of anxiety and didn't know what to expect and so far I'm having a great time, couldn't be with a better group of guys.  It's a great feeling playing with the best players in the country.  

TFY: You seem to be playing with better leverage here than I have watched you in the past, would you say that is true or no?  

Melvin Fowler: I'd say it is true, I definitely have to showcase my talents and pull extra hard, I mean I was working hard before but now the pressure is on and what I do here has a lot to do with draft day.  

TFY: They have you both at center and guard, which do you like better? 

Melvin Fowler: I don't know, I love center and I haven't played guard since high school, but I'm starting to like guard a lot.  

TFY: How are your shoulders?  Have you been able to lift?  

Melvin Fowler: I benched 405 this past summer, I think I'm up to 420 now and my shoulders feel great and that is about it.  

TFY: What are you shooting for at the Combine?  

Melvin Fowler: 30 or more reps, I did 27 in the spring.  

TFY: Tell me about the season at Maryland, what was it like after all those years at the bottom of the ACC and all of a sudden a turnaround like that, what was it like?  

Melvin Fowler: It was the greatest feeling ever to see a program change in front of your eyes and know that you were part of something special and bringing Maryland football back to the top of the ACC.  It was the greatest feeling and this whole season was one I'll never forget.  

TFY: Give me just a few bits on two teammates, Shawn Hill and Gulian Gary?  

Melvin Fowler:  They stepped their games up tremendously this year, Shawn in particular.  You know he led this offense every game, you knew you could count on Shawn from the first quarter to the fourth quarter and he definitely showed that this whole year and I believe that he was the best quarterback in the ACC.  

TFY: What about EJ Henderson?  

Melvin Fowler: I think he stepped his game up tremendously too, you know a lot of people around this country didn't really know what the Terps were all about be we believed in each other, we knew that we were good players and EJ he had a phenomenal year, he was a Butkus Award finalist and he just stepped his game up.  

TFY: Where you surprised that he is going back to school?  

Melvin Fowler: Oh no, he has a level head on his shoulders and he is going to finish his degree before he's done playing football.  He is going to win the Butkus Award next year and that is an early prediction.  

TFY: Quick thought on Coach Freigden?  

Melvin Fowler: Coach Freigden was the greatest thing that ever happened to this program, he brings a lot to the table; a winning attitude, discipline and right off the bat.  He came in and told everyone there were going to be some rules and you had to abide by them or there would be consequences and that is what made us great, waking up at 5:30 in the morning for winter workouts, no drinking, curfews and those were the things that we needed to be a successful football team.  

TFY: Who is the toughest guy to go up against this week?  

Melvin Fowler: I'd probably say Kocher from UCLA, he is a big, strong guy, he has some moves to him and is pretty quick, so I would probably say him. 

TFY: Your teammate Charles Hills is looking pretty good as well.  

Melvin Fowler: He is looking very good, Charles just had a great year and I knew he was a great player, All-Conference caliber, you know he stepped his game up tremendously and he is doing a great job this week.  




Dorsett Davis:  Kinda characterize how you feel your week is going, you look like almost a man-child out there compared to some of these guys?  Well my week is going good, I started off ____________, I had to settle down, I'm not used to so many people watching me so close in range and it means so much, so I just had to settle down and once I settled down and it got better as the week went on.  What have the coaches told you you have to work on the most?  Well just staying low and not just shedding my blocks too quickly.  At Mississippi State I'm used to just hitting, delivering the blow and getting all quick in.  Running that attack defense, Joey Dunn?  What have they complimented you on, you look like a great athlete out there, you look like one of the best athletes?  Well they complimented me on my initial, my initial pop and my instinct where the ball's going.  What do you think of your teammate Connor Stevens, how do you think he's looked coming in at the last minute?  Well I mean I just don't know, I haven't been watching him much, I haven't had room to watch him, I'm trying to get myself right.  Who is the toughest blocker you've gone up against all week?  Brett Weary.  Any teams you think are zeroing in on you, any teams you think have shown a lot of interest in you particularly?  Well I've talked to everyone pretty much the same, I haven't had close personal interviews with any one team, everyone the same.


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