Scouting the Pac 10: Arizona State

Even with the graduation of quarterback Andrew Walter, the Sun Devils possess good NFL-prospects on both sides of the ball. They offer a prospect who will compete for the top spot at wide receiver in next April's draft as well as a pair of very good linebackers.

Wide out Derek Hagan is a tough pass catcher with natural receiver skills. Possessing soft hands, he displays outstanding body control, balance and consistently makes the reception away from his frame. Solid running routes, he is sharp into breaks, gets separation from defenders and immediately positions himself to make the reception. Contorting to the errant throw running full speed, Hagan shields opponents away with his frame and is very quick transitioning from making the reception to running after the catch. There is not much to dislike about Hagan's game though he is a receiver with ony average size and does not possess the second gear to be a true deep threat. Presently he looks like a solid number two receiver that should be a top 50 selection in next April's draft. Tight end Lee Burghgraef will move to fullback/H-back this season to make room for sophomore sensation Zach Miller. Burghgraef is a solid blocker at tight end who controls opponents once engaged in a block. Also a solid pass catcher, Burghgraef displays good eye\hand coordination and consistently finds the open spot in the defense. Not an explosive player, Burghgraef does not present himself as someone that consistently makes plays into the defensive secondary. Arizona State offers a pair of offensive lineman starting with senior Grayling Love. A prospect that spent time at both tackle and guard, Love is slowly developing into an outstanding blocker at center. Quick off the snap, he plays with leverage and effectively seals defenders from the action. Lacking adjustment, he is not a flexible blocker and has difficulty finishing the play. Consistent throughout college, Love is a consideration in the late rounds next April. Tackle Andrew Carnahan is a king-sized blocker with outstanding upside for the next level. Quickly getting into blocks, Carnahan plays with a wide base, effectively uses angles and is patient in pass protection. Carnahan also plays with leverage for a tall offensive lineman. Lacking footwork in space, he is better off in confined quarters and not effective on the second level. Only a junior, Carnahan could gear himself up to be one of the top strong-side blockers for 2007 with a good campaign this season.

The Sun Devils offer a pair of solid linebackers starting with Jamar Williams on the outside. A top athlete, Williams is an explosive prospect who displays outstanding range on the field, making plays sideline-to-sideline. Getting depth on drops, he displays the ability to redirect to the action yet at the same time remains disciplined and stays with assignments. Not very physical taking on blocks, Williams lacks top height for the position but has potential on the weak side. Middle linebacker Dale Robinson is a heady defender that does an outstanding job reading the action and quickly locating the ball. Aggressive in all aspects, Robinson fires up the field to defend the run and wraps up at the point of attack. Not quickly redirecting to ball carriers, he has difficulty in pass coverage and is more of the two down defender. Finally R.J. Oliver returns for his sixth season and has a history of showing flashes on the football field as well as getting injured.

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