Pro-Day: Miami

The full story from today's highly anticipated Pro-Day at the University of Miami. As many as 70 scouts lined the field including Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Butch Davis and Bill Cowher while more than half the league's offensive line coaches were in attendance.

Update: 11PM

The three big winners of today's Pro-day at Miami? Jeremy Shockey, Clinton Portis and Mike Rumph.

A scout we spent last weekend with timing athletes at the combine has told us after today he expects Shockey to be a late-first round pick and Portis may have snuck into the second round . Rumph, originally expected to be a mid-to-late second round pick, could now be taken in the early second round.

Shockey was timed anywhere from 4.57-4.61 in the 40-yard dash and he caught everything thrown his way in pass-catching drills as was expected. Portis was timed in the 4.32-4.36 range in the 40, while Buchanon scorched the field at 4.31-4.37. Rumph ran a 4.48 40 despite slipping on the wet field and also did 13 repetitions at 225 pounds in the bench press.

Portis, who ran much better-than-expected, only bench-pressed 11 repetitions at 225 pounds while Shockey was solid on the bench completing 16 reps.

The offensive linemen disappointed in the strength tests; Joquain Gonzalez benched 225 pounds 20 times, and McKinnie had only 19 repetitions. Niether came close to Martin Bibla, who finished with 35 reps last Friday at the NFL combine.

McKinnie finished with 5.1 in the 40.

Other results from the day; safety James Lewis turned in a 4.5 and 12 repetitions on the bench while Najeh Davenport was timed at 4.45 and Edward Reed in the mid-4.5. Both Davenport and Reed had 15 repetitions on the bench while Philip Buchanon did 14 repetitions.

Sprint champion and receiver Daryl Jones timed a poor 4.6 seconds in the 40 then dropped a number of passes in pass-catching drills.

From 1PM

We are getting some early and unconfirmed reports from this morning's timing session at Miami's pro-day. As many as 70 scouts have lined the field including Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Butch Davis and Bill Cowher.

While we stress these are unconfirmed our source, whose been good in the past, has told us Clinton Portis ran a spectacular 40 in the mid-4.3 range, Jeremy Shockey ran much faster then expected turning in a low 4.5 and Philip Buchannon also ran well in the 4.3 area.

Edward Reed was a bit disappointing in the mid-4.5 area, while Najeh Davenport and Mike Rumph looked good right around the 4.50 range.

Shockey, as was expected, looked impeccable catching the ball while linemen Martin Bibla and Joquin Gonzalez has done well in drills. We've heard nothing substantial on McKinnie.

There was some concern if the weather would cooperate but we heard it was just overcast. Later today they are scheduled to lift. We will report more as we get it.

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