Scouting the Pac 10: Stanford 

Stanford now enters the Walt Harris era after several fruitless campaigns under Buddy Teevens. This program quietly and continually puts solid prospects into the first day of the NFL draft. There is plenty of professional talent on this year's roster. 

Though he needs a lot of work on his game we feel quarterback Trent Edwards is on the verge of a breakout season now that Harris is in control of the team.  Throwing with solid fundamentals, Edwards zips the out or gets the ball downfield.  Standing strong in the pocket, he buys time for receivers, waiting for them to come free, putting the pass in front of targets, enabling them run to the throw.  Staring down pass catchers, Edwards is not patient when pressured and misses open receivers on the field.  Edwards must significantly improve his pocket awareness and passing intangibles to meet the expectations placed upon yet possesses the physical skills for the next level.  He now benefits from the tutoring of Harris, a proven developer of quarterbacks and should start to pull the pieces together.  Pass catcher Evan Moore is a king sized receiver who could eventually develop into a tight end.  Big and strong, Moore easily out muscles or physically beats down opponents to make the reception and is an awesome target on third down or in the red zone.  Currently lined up on the flanks, he has the size and blocking potential to play at the next level.  Mark Bradford is an instinctive football player with natural receiving skills.  A hand catcher with solid route running skills, Bradford is not a heavy-duty receiver who can take a pounding and hold onto the throw.  Bradford needs to take his game to the next level and develop consistency before being considered a serious NFL prospect.  Finally, running back J.R. Lemon displays good vision and shiftiness carrying the ball.  He also has terrific size for the NFL yet has been very inconsistent throughout his career and needs a big senior campaign to jump into the middle frames. 

Defensively, the Cardinal secondary was wiped clean by graduation and the top prospects reside in the front seven.  Senior tackle Babatunde Oshinowo is an explosive lineman and a defender who gets a lot of penetration up the field.  Quick in his head, Oshinowo reads the action, remains disciplined and does more than just mindlessly rush up the field.  Displaying excellent hand technique, he keeps his pads low and slides laterally to make the play.  Best in a straight line, he lacks a quick change of direction and has trouble getting off blocks once engaged at the point.  Oshinowo's work ethic has also come into question by a few yet he is a solid run stuffer in the middle of the line and could move up draft boards the big senior campaign. Julian Jenkins is an explosive defensive end that flashes on the scene displaying a good change of direction and the ability to make plays in every direction.  Playing with good body control, he defends the run and rushes the passer.  Needing to improve his overall playing strength, Jenkins is easily held the point by a single blocker yet possesses the potential to develop into a solid two-gap lineman.  Linebacker Jonathan Alston is one of the most explosive defenders in the country and a terrific athlete who displays outstanding range on the field.  Fast off the edge with the ability to immediately change direction, Alston loses no momentum when he must alter his angle of attack and possesses tremendous range.  Not instinctive or decisive, Alston is slow to react and does not always play under control.  Used at both defensive end and linebacker, Alston's best NFL-position may ultimately be strong safety in a scheme that makes use of his terrific athletic skills and allows him to roam freely to the football. 

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