Scouting the PAC 10: Washington 

After the worst season in school history the Huskies try to turn it around with Tyrone Willingham leading the way. Usually a program that puts plenty of talent into the NFL draft, Washington had just two players selected last April. Things don't look all that much better for NFL war rooms in ‘06.  

Offensively, Washington has consistently put quality linemen into the NFL and Joe Toledo could be next should he make the successful transition from tight end to tackle.  Possessing outstanding size, Toledo is quick, strong and plays with solid fundamentals.  A leverage blocker, he easily holds the point of attack and gets movement from run blocks.  Solid as a pass catching at tight end, Toledo has minimal speed for the position.  Taking over the all important weak side tackle position, Toledo could make a big move into the drafts first-day with a good senior campaign.  Guard Tusi Sa'au is a large blocker who attacks assignments and controls opponents.  Moving into the starting position this year, he also has a lot to gain with a good senior campaign. 

The top prospect and possibly only Husky to be drafted from the defensive side of the ball next April is Manase Hopoi.  An explosive player, Hopoi is similar to many of the productive lineman to come out of Washington; quick, disruptive yet undersized.  With the ability to be used to several spots up front, Hopoi is a leverage lineman who quickly gets into the backfield and immediately locates the ball.  Wedging between blocks, he has a fluid change of direction and aggressively chases to get involved in the play.  Technically sound, Hopoi is effective in pursuit and also helps out on coverage teams.  Size limitations hurt Hopoi as he is handled at the line of scrimmage by a single blocker.  He does offer some growth potential and could be effective at tackle as a three-technique lineman or could eventually develop into a two-gap player.  He is the type of penatrator and disruptor that could help him move into the drafts initial 75 selections.

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