Bucs GM is against modifying tuck rule

The NFL has decided to put off modifications to the tuck rule – that quarterbacks are only at risk of fumbling the ball when they tuck it in to their sides. If any kind of throwing motion is or was evident during the split-second course of a play – as Tom Brady demonstrated in the AFC divisional playoff game last season – the ball will be ruled an incomplete pass if it's knocked from the QB's hands. Interestingly, one of the key opponents of modifying the rule is Tampa Bay GM Rich McKay.

Of course McKay has Rob Johnson and is probably in favor of any rule that would help protect his new QB from fumbling during the 57 times he's scheduled to get sacked next season – that is if Johnson starts.

"As we discussed it, it didn't get clearer, it got murkier," McKay told the AP. "Replay has made things murky. The calls are made with players going 100 mph, then television slows it up so you can look at it frame by frame. Fans think the calls are obvious, but they're not."

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