'06 NFL Draft watch: Georgia

After being spoiled by college football's winningest quarterback the past four seasons, Georgia now enters a new age. The roster is loaded with prime NFL talent and players who will impact the next several drafts from the early frames through the late rounds.   

Scouting the SEC: Georgia 

Possibly no Bulldog holds as much upside potential for the next level as tight end Leonard Pope.  An outstanding pass catcher, Pope effortlessly moves his large frame down the field, consistently making plays into the secondary and creating mismatches.  Displaying good eye/hand coordination, he makes the difficult catch in a crowd then carries defenders several yards running after the reception.  To his credit Pope blocks with solid fundamentals yet lacks playing strength and rarely gets movement from run blocks.  Pope offers tremendous size and will be a first round selection if he leaves for the NFL after this season.  The Bulldogs have as many as six offensive linemen who could be drafted over the course of the next two years.  Max Jean-Gilles is an athletic blocker with outstanding size.  Quick off the snap, he displays power, turning defenders off the ball or annihilating linebackers on the second level.  A narrow based blocker, Jean-Gilles lacks the killer instinct and seems poorly conditioned.  Spending time at both tackle and guard in college, Jean-Gilles will move into the draft's initial 45 selections with a good senior campaign followed by solid pre-draft workouts.  Junior tackle Daniel Inman is another king-sized blocker with terrific upside for the next level.  Rarely giving an inch, Inman turns opponents off the ball and opens holes for the running game.  Not a natural knee bender, he lacks adjustment and ability off the line of scrimmage.  As he physically matures Inman will turn into one of the better strong side tackle prospects in the nation.  Dennis Roland is the team's weak side tackle and another king-sized lineman.  A huge specimen, he plays with a good degree of intelligence and controls opponents once engaged at the point of attack.  A size prospect, he will get the middle round consideration next April.  Junior guard Nick Jones is an explosive blocker who displays skill in motion.  Effective with his hands, Jones works hard throughout the action yet must improve his playing balance as well as strength but possesses upside for the next level.  Senior center Russ Tanner is an effective position blocker on the pivot and a smart lineman but a late round draft choice.  Finally junior tackle Ken Shackleford controls opponents at the point or engulfs defenders altogether.  Lacking top balance, he is haphazard on the field.  Presently Shackleford sits on the second team due to the depth of Georgia's offensive line.  

Defensively, Georgia offers plenty of mid-to-late round choices. Junior end Quentin Moses showed terrific pass rush skills last year and is a good future prospect.  Darrius Swain is a huge defensive tackle that could make a big march up draft boards with a big senior campaign. Kedric Golston is a quick interior lineman who slides off blocks and displays a burst of closing speed.  Golston is best in a straight line and will be handled by blockers.  Gerald Anderson is an athletic lineman who defeats blocks on his way to the action while also displaying skills in space yet is indecisive and struggles moving laterally.  Will Thompson returns for a sixth season and the speedy edge rusher is tough to knock off his feet.  Fluid moving laterally he lacks playing strength and as a result is handled at the point by single blocker.  In the backfield safety Greg Blue is a hard-hitting run defender who can deliver the knockout blow.  Possessing a terrific burst of straight-line speed, Blue flashes on the scene yet possesses marginal ball skills and to this point is a one-dimensional run stuffer.  Cornerback Tim Jennings is an undersized cover man who plays with excellent techniques and a head for the ball.  Working well with safeties, Jennings has an excellent break on the throw as well as solid ball skills.  Out positioned by larger receivers, he gives top effort yet is physically beaten at the point of attack.  Jennings should be effective as a nickel cover in his zone system. DeMario Minter offers good size/speed numbers and could move into the middle rounds should he produce as a starter this year.

Georgia Prospect List

Name Pos Yr #
Gerald Anderson DT 5Sr 92
Greg Blue S 5Sr 17
Kedric Golston DT 4Sr 97
Daniel Inman T 4Jr 72
Max Jean-Gilles G 4Sr 74
Tim Jennings CB 4Sr 23
Nick Jones G 3Jr 70
Demario Minter CB 4Sr 2
Leonard Pope TE 3Jr 81
Dennis Roland T 5Sr 66
Ken Shackleford T 3Jr 79
Russ Tanner C 5Sr 50
Will Thompson DE 6Sr 58
Darrius Swain DT 4Sr 98

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