'06 NFL Draft Watch: Vanderbilt

The tough road to credibility for Vanderbilt will not get easier anytime soon. Though competitive, Vandy cannot pull a string of victories together. Yet with that the program consistently puts solid prospects into the NFL draft and next April will be no different. 

Scouting the SEC: Vanderbilt 

Quarterback Jay Cutler is an intelligent passer and one of the SEC's best signal callers.  Patient in the pocket, he buys time for receivers, waiting until the last possible second before delivering the ball.  Displaying a good feel and command of the offense, Cutler powers the ball into receivers, throwing tight spirals and displaying zip on all his passes.  Rarely taking his eyes off the primary target, Cutler is hampered by the offense at Vanderbilt.  He should get looks early during the draft's second day next April and is a good long term prospect.  Tight end Dustin Dunning is a solid pass catcher who gets vertical to pull the ball from mid-air and easily makes the reception running full speed.  Possessing marginal size and playing strength, he is not much of a blocker and will be a late round pick next year.  Keep an eye on receiver Eric Davis who should be Cutler's favorite target and will benefit from a solid senior campaign. 

The team has consistently produced solid back seven defenders and outside linebacker Moses Osemwegie is the next in line.  A terrific athlete who displays outstanding range and explosion, Osemwegie is quick filling gaps up the field and terrific in pursuit.  Tenacious, he consistently flies around the football and is a true leader of the defense.  Barely six-feet tall, Osemwegie is not a linebacker for everyone yet will be a solid middle round selection next April.  Free safety Kelechi Ohanaja is a dependable defensive back that rarely makes mental mistakes.  Not possessing a great upside, Ohanaja presents himself at the eighth defensive back that will be used in dime situations at the next level.

Name Pos # Yr
Jay Cutler QB 6 5Sr
Erik Davis WR 2 4Sr
Dustin Dunning TE 84 5Sr
Kelechi Ohanaja S 12 5Sr
Moses Osemwegie OLB 30 5Sr


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