'06 NFL Draft Watch: Kansas

The year following a bowl appearance, Kansas slogged through a tough season last year and questions remain as the team enters 2006. Yet with that they have several solid NFL-prospects, including a highly rated underclassman on the defensive side of the ball.  

Scouting the Big 12: Kansas 

Senior receiver Mark Simmons is an undersized yet productive pass catcher who must show consistent skill as a return specialist to make an NFL team.  Running back Clark Green is tough on the inside, finding the hole and quickly getting through it.  With no specific trait of his ball carrying standing out, Green must turn in a very productive senior campaign to get consideration in the late frames next April.  Junior Bob Whitaker is becoming a solid prospect at guard. 

Defensively end Jermial Ashley is a solid athlete who applies pressure up the field and displays good pass rush skills.  Undersized, he has growth potential and could ultimately stand over tackle in a 34 defense at the next level.  Likewise Charlton Keith is another explosive force off edge with good skills in pursuit.  Moving into the starting role for the departed David McMillan, a good senior campaign could help Keith move into the late frames.  Linebacker Nick Reid is a forceful defender who displays explosion as well as speed.  Fast in any direction, Reid takes incorrect angles to the play and over pursues the action.  He is a good fit for several systems and could move into the middle frames with a solid senior campaign.  Another senior, Banks Floodman is a limited athlete who plays an intelligent brand of football.  Unlikely to be drafted, he will be a camp invite next year. Hands down the top prospect on the team and best one to come from the program in a long while his cornerback Charles Gordon.  A good athlete with superior technique and ball skills, Gordon is outstanding in pass coverage plus a terrific special teams player.  Fast, he has been used at receiver on occasion.  A prospect with a great amount of upside, Gordon will be a top 60 player if he enters the draft after his junior campaign.

Kansas Prospect List

 Name Pos # Yr
Jermial Ashley DE 97 4Sr
Theo Baines CB 20 4Sr
Banks Floodman OLB 5 5Sr
Charles Gordon CB 3 4Jr
Clark Green RB 30 5Sr
Charlton Keith DE 99 4Sr
Nick Reid OLB 7 4Sr
Mark Simmons WR 83 4Sr
Bob Whitaker G 77 4Jr


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