'06 NFL-draft Watch: Nebraska

Moving into the second season of the Bill Callahan tenure, the Cornhuskers hope to once again become a competitive program after enduring their first losing season since 1961. The defensive side of the ball offers several middle round selections while questions still surround the top prospect in the program. 

Scouting the Big 12: Nebraska

Matt Herian grades out as the top senior prospect at tight end.  An exceptional athlete and natural receiver, he is a cognizant ball player who routinely makes the difficult reception in the defensive secondary.  Productive since his sophomore campaign, Herian also gives top effort as a blocker.  After a good start to his junior season he severely broke his leg during the eighth game of the year.  With Herian's status still up in the air, the feeling since spring practice is he will take a redshirt in 2005.  Grading out as a top 40-selection, final-results from medical exams on Herian's injured leg will be a determining factor on where he is ultimately selected.  Cory Ross is small in size yet presents himself as a tough ball carrier who takes it between tackle and works to pick up as much yardage as possible.  A solid receiver out of the backfield, he makes the reception in stride yet is more of a straight-line runner and situational back at the next level.  Lineman Seppo Evwaraye moves to the left side as a senior after playing right tackle last season.  Strong, Evwaraye anchors at the point and easily controls opponents once engaged in a block.  He lacks adjustment, footwork in space and is not effective far off the line of scrimmage.  A size prospect, Evwaraye could be selected in April's late rounds.  Brandon Koch is another well-sized blocker who can be used at both guard positions and a prospect that will get late round consideration.

Defensively the team has a pair of tackles to keep an eye on.  Le Kevin Smith seriously considered entering last April's draft yet made the right choice returning for his senior campaign.  Smith gets leverage on opponents and drives up the field, penetrating the pocket.  Doubled by blockers, he makes plays laterally and possesses a good deal of explosion.  A history of knee injuries and ordinary will send up several red-flags, though Smith presently grades as a first day pick.  Teammate Titus Adams is a similar player in that he is an explosive tackle.  Keeping his pads low to the ground, Adams is relatively instinctive and works hard until the whistle blows.  Adams lacks top size and is controlled by single blocker.  Playing a priority position, he has the ability to slide into the late part of round three.  Daniel Bullocks hopes to follow in the footsteps of his brother Josh and become an early pick in the draft.  Not as talented on the field compared to his sibling, Bullocks is effective in zone and helps out in run support yet struggles in man-to-man coverage.  He possesses good size and looks like a solid fit in a two deep zone system.  

Nebraska Prospect List

Name Pos # Year
Titus Adams DT 96 4Sr
Daniel Bullocks S 14 4Sr
Seppo Evwaraye T 77 4Sr
Matt Herian TE 11 4Sr
Brandon Koch G 75 4Sr
Cory Ross RB 4 4Sr
LeKevin Smith DT 66 4Sr

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