SCOUTING REPORT- Eric Crouch/ Nebraska


Eric Crouch      Nebraska     5-11.5/195/4.54    5Sr

STATS & BIO: Option quarterback that could project to a number of different positions at the next level.  Passing numbers were 55.6%/1,510/7/10 as a senior, with 203/1,115/5.8/18 rushing and one reception for 63 yards resulting in a touchdown.   All-Conference choice after his senior season as was the case during his junior campaign when the passing totals were 48.1%/1,101/11/7 and ground numbers 169/971/5.7/20.  Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year as a sophomore leading the team in rushing with 180/889/4.9/16 and passing with 51.9%/1,269/7/4.  Had a history of shoulder problems late in his college career.  Worked out at running back, quarterback and defensive backs at the combine but did not distinguish himself in any single area.

THE GOOD:  Athletic prospect with nice size/speed numbers that must now find a new position at the next level.  As a ball carrier he runs with vision and patience, waits for his blocks to develop then follows them.  Fast and explosive when the ball is in his hands, beats defenders to the flanks and displays the speed to get around the corner.  Can cut it back, quick getting to top speed and works his runs.  As a passer he does not see the field or read defenses and has only average arm strength.  Successful the few times he was used at receiver and does have the body type and speed to fit that role.  

THE BAD: Not big enough to be an every down back at the next level, history of shoulder problems may prevent him from doling out punishment at free safety and ultimately he could end up as a receiver or a third down back-type at the next level but whatever the position he'll need a lot of work and time.  

THE SKINNY: Early Seventh Round.


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