'06 NFL Draft Watch: Virginia Tech

Surprise winners of the ACC last year, the Hokies hope to comeback just as strong in 2005. The team will be led by the athleticism of Marcus Vick while the defensive side of the ball possesses several outstanding early NFL draft choices. 

Scouting the ACC: Virginia Tech   

Offensively we feel the top prospect for the next level is redshirt sophomore receiver Josh Hyman.  Consistently making plays deep into the secondary, Hyman is active and consistently finds the open spot on the field.  Nicely adjusting to the throw, he works back to the quarterback and makes himself an available target.  Needing to improve his route running skills as well as body strength, Hyman is an outstanding prospect for the future.  The team offers a pair of running back backs with contrasting styles.  Cedric Humes is a powerful ball carrier best on the inside.  Strong, Humes breaks several tackles during a single handoff and keeps driving up the field.  Not an elusive runner who creates nor a natural receiver out of the backfield, he offers both size and upside for the next level yet must start to perform at a higher level.  Mike Imoh is a small yet speedy ball carrier tough to bring down.  Patient, Imoh waits for blocks to develop, finding the cutback lanes and effectively getting through the clearing.  Possessing open field running skills, he has the speed to cut the corner and though undersized, breaks tackles with his strong lower body.  Imoh has limitations due to a lack of height yet could be a solid situational back at the next level.  Center Will Montgomery could be one of the most underrated prospects at his position.  Getting leverage on opponents, Montgomery quickly gets off the snap into blocks and effectively uses angles to wall defenders from the action.  Explosive in all his actions, Montgomery has a nice center's build yet is not a dominant blocker on the pivot.  Jimmy Martin has done an outstanding job at left tackle the past few seasons yet his ultimate NFL position could be inside at guard.  Quickly setting in pass protection, Martin effectively uses angles and body positioning to protect the quarterbacks blindside.  Patient, he is also an intelligent lineman yet lacks footwork, adjustment and overall blocking range. 

The Virginia Tech defense is full of good prospects throughout the unit.  Up front Darryl Tapp is a speedy edge rusher as well as an outstanding athlete who could be used in a variety of roles.  Possessing excellent footwork in any direction, Tapp plays with outstanding balance, leverage and is rarely off the off his feet.  Significantly undersized, Tapp is handled at the point by opponents and growth limitations will reduce his draft grade.  On the inside Jonathan Lewis is the number one rated defensive tackle on the National Scouting list, something we consider a reach.  A quick lineman with an excellent first step, Lewis displays lateral movement skills, making plays up and down the line of scrimmage.  Keeping his pads low to the ground throughout the play, he is tenacious and stays with the action.  Though solid, Lewis has size limitations and is really not a difference maker upfront rather a hard working lineman who gives an honest days effort.  Junior Noland Burchette is also a leverage lineman with the ability to make plays in any direction of the field.  Another undersized lineman, he must be watched the next two years.  Outside linebacker James Anderson is a solid weak side prospect for the next level.  Hands down the star of the defense is defensive back Jimmy Williams.  Possessing outstanding size\speed numbers and terrific athleticism, Williams is a big, strong specimen who out muscles opponents to defend the throw.  Slowing opponents at the line of scrimmage with jams, Williams displays good footwork in any direction and has a terrific burst of closing and recovery speed.  Doing an outstanding job facing the quarterback, he does not quickly plant then break on the throw.  Williams is also slow locating the ball in man coverage.  Experienced at both safety and cornerback, the initial instinct will be to use Williams as a cover man at the next level yet we think his combination of size, enforcement skills and the ability to make plays facing the quarterback will ultimately move him to safety in the NFL.

Virginia Tech Prospect List

Name Pos Yr #
James Anderson OLB 5Sr 42
Noland Burchette DE 4Jr 96
Cedric Humes RB 5Sr 32
Josh Hyman WR 3So 19
Mike Imoh RB 4Sr 20
Jeff King TE 5Sr 90
Jonathan Lewis DT 4Sr 56
Jimmy Martin T 4Sr 52
Will Montgomery G 5Sr 66
Jason Murphy G 5Sr 72
Darryl Tapp DE 4Sr 55
Jimmy Williams S 4Sr 2

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