SCOUTING REPORT- Zack Quaccia/ Stanford


Zack Quaccia       Stanford       6-3.5|309|5.35        5Sr

STATS & BIO: Three year starter that saw action at both guard and center in college.

THE GOOD: Versatile, hard working lineman that plays the position with a large degree of intelligence.  Heady, quick picking up stunts or blitzes and effectively uses blocking angles or body positioning to keep opponents away.  Fights with his hands, blocks with forward lean and turns opponents out.  Displays pop at the point of attack and blocks down well on opponents.  

THE BAD: Not quick into his blocks and does not play with great balance or knee bender.  Lacks the strong base and does not move well in space.  Gets tall, stumbles around or run over by opponents.  Does not play to his size.  

THE SKINNY: For all his faults steadily progressed in college and if he improves his fundamentals and learns to play to his size there is a chance he'll make it.  Free Agent.


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