'06 NFL Draft Watch: Miami Redhawks

After a pair of solid seasons, the Redhawks are now under new management. Former offensive coordinator Shane Montgomery takes over a talented roster with several potential first day choices.

Scouting the MAC: Miami-Ohio

Receiver Martin Nance is a nice sized pass catcher with the ability to make a move into the middle part of the draft's first day. Fundamentally sound, Nance extends to make the reception away from his frame, displaying good eye/hand coordination. Strong enough to beat jams at the line of scrimmage, he quickly gets into routes and makes the tough, acrobatic reception. Nance also shows the ability to stretch defenses and take opponents deep. Rounding off routes, he gathers into receptions and does not always play like a 215-pound wide out. After a sizzling start in ‘04 Nance suffered a major knee injury and must quickly return to a high level of play. Junior Ryan Robinson picked up the slack after Nance's injury and is proving himself to be a solid NFL prospect. Making the difficult catch over the middle of the field, Robinson displays great foot quickness and helps out returning punts. Quarterback Josh Betts is a prospect with good upside and a passer to watch. Zipping the ball between defenders, Betts nicely places throws in the short or intermediate field and has a live arm. Not consistently accurate, he is usually high of the mark and makes questionable decisions. Betts does offer upside and a good senior campaign coupled with solid pre-draft workouts could push him into the middle rounds. Tight end Dan Tyler is a leverage player who displays skill in pass protection. Not strong as a run blocker, Tyler is rarely involved in the passing game and looks more like a number three player at his position. Center Todd Londot is a tough blocker on the pivot who does an outstanding job with the shotgun snap. Playing with leverage, he is a nasty lineman who bends his knees and displays explosion at the point. Lacking the dominant base, Londot gets pushed back into the pocket and does not finish. Playing both right tackle and center, Londot's versatility as well as growth potential will be appealing to NFL teams. Nate Bunce and Mark Kracium are another pair of blockers to keep an eye on.

On defense the Redhawks offer a pair of prospects who can make a big jump up draft boards with good senior campaigns. Outside linebacker Terna Nande is a terrific athlete who plays with outstanding explosion. Displaying good speed in every direction, Nande has a quick change of direction and is rarely off his feet. Explosive up the field, he also gets depth on drops and is terrific in pursuit. Undersized, Nande gets caught up in the trash moving laterally and has difficulty defeating blocks. Not overly instinctive nor efficient, Nande is a solid a weak side prospect who could also be used in a 34 defense. Performances at events like the Senior Bowl and combine will ultimately dictate his final draft grade. Darrell Hunter is a cornerback with outstanding size\speed numbers and a prospect who flashes ability. Easily running downfield with opponents, he has a burst of closing speed and physically beats down opponents to defend the pass. Working well with safeties, Hunter easily contorts to defend the throw. Lacking top ball skills and instincts, he is slow locating the pass in the air and does more chasing then actual covering. Hunter is not physical in run defense or always play like a large corner should. Physically he grades out as a top 60 choice yet his play on the field is more of the late round variety. Defensive end Marcus Johnson is a fluid lineman with the ability to make plays in pursuit. Agile, he plays with great balance and shows a burst of closing speed. Lacking first step quickness, Johnson is an undersized lineman with growth limitations. John Busing is a disciplined linebacker who plays heads up football in coverage. Possessing a good change of direction, Busing takes proper angles to the action and remains alert throughout the play. Easily blocked by tight ends, he lacks overall range and is a late round choice.

Miami-OH. Prospect List

Name Pos Yr #
Josh Betts QB 5Sr 8
Nate Bunce G 5Sr 79
John Busing OLB 4Sr 12
Darrell Hunter CB 4Sr 28
Marcus Johnson DE 5Sr 93
Mark Kracium G 5Sr 75
Todd Londot C 5Sr 62
Martin Nance WR 5Sr 15
Terna Nande OLB 4Sr 32
Ryne Robinson WR 3Jr 2
Dan Tyler TE 5Sr 89


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