Fantasy Trading Tips - Buy/Sell

Once the draft is over, trading is perhaps the best way to enhance your fantasy team. Fantasy football is a 17 week season, with the first 13-14 weeks determining playoff position. However, many fantasy owners will panic just two weeks into the season. Now is the time to make trades and take advantage of owner insecurities. We break down trade scenarios, give trading tips, and analyze player values to maximize your trading potential.

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Trading Tips

  • Make a reasonable offer - Don't go in trying to steal Terrell Owens for your second string tight end. A decent offer is much more likely to be accepted and will give credibility to future deals.
  • Analyze opponent line-ups thoroughly for strengths/weaknesses - Be aware of opponent owners' strengths and needs prior to making a proposal. A top player is more likely acquired from teams that are loaded at the position you are seeking to fill.
  • Be willing to trade surplus players at a position - You can only play a set number of players. Don't make the mistake of going the season with Marvin Harrison, Torry Holt, and Chad Johnson when your league only allows you to play two wide receivers. More than likely you could deal one of the three for a top running back and put up more points from week to week. Although it may be a good idea to 'handcuff' certain players (Priest Holmes - Larry Johnson come to mind), don't bench top players due to a surplus at the position when their trade value could lead to more weekly points.
  • Resond to all offers - Realize that a trade offer from another team may be just an opening. Answer politely and responsibly. Don't make rash and overly critical comments. Counter offer while thanking them for involving you in trade discussions.
  • Look at multiple player deals - Many teams don't want to trade a running back for your surplus wide receiver. But if you can send your wide receiver and another player that will help their team (ie: basically a 2 for 1), they may trade you the running back that you desire. Let them select the scrub player that gets packaged with their RB to make the trade work.
  • Running Backs win fantasy football leagues - The running back position is often the hardest to fill. Never be afraid to trade another position player for a productive running back if weak at the RB position.
  • Don't trade a player at his lowest value for 'hot' players - This may be our top trading tip. In other words, Frisman Jackson wasn't worth trading Reggie Wayne just because Jackson looked much more effective in week one. Your studs will come around. Don't trade them for 'one-week-wonders'.


Trade Them While They're Hot

Many fantasy owners are attracted to a player's most recent efforts and are quick to ditch non-producers. One of the quickest ways to get ahead in fantasy football is to trade players that have busted out of the gate, knowing they can't possibly keep the pace. Stats through week two of the NFL season have resulted in a few surprises that have fantasy owners questioning their teams.Thomas Jones, Stephen Davis, Willie Parker, and Mike Anderson are all expected to yield to teammates, but may currently be at their career highest value with a combined 776 total yards and 9 touchdowns. Other than the select few elite tight ends, they are a dime a dozen on the waiver wire...package Chris Baker or Steve Heiden in a value trade. Defenses and kickers are often more dependent upon matchups. The Colts Def/ST and kicker Rian Lindell may continue to have good seasons, but they may have already had their best couple of games. Keenan McCardell, Jimmy Smith, and Santana Moss are all seasoned veterans, but none of the three can be expected to keep this pace.

Stephen Davis
158 yds - 4 TD
Thomas Jones
203 yds - 3 TD
Mike Anderson
95 yds - 0 TD
Chris Baker
127 yds - 1TD
Rian Lindell
6 field goals
Frisman Jackson
139 yds - 1 TD
Steve Heiden
136 yds - 2 TD
Willie Parker
320 yds - 2 TD
Colts Def/ST
10 pts allowed
Keenan McCardell
177 yds - 2 TD
Jimmy Smith
179 yds - 2 TD
Santana Moss
255 yds - 2 TD


Trade for Studs When They're Cold

In almost every case, the above players have been fanstasy studs through two weeks while the early round studs below have stunk it up. Using basic business sense, trading players at their highest value (above) may help you build your dream fantasy team provided you can find a taker (plenty of impatient owners out there!). Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, and Reggie Wayne are all must have players if you can get them. Tatum Bell and Cedric Benson will most likely be their teams' starters in heavy running offenses and may be easily acquired via trade. Culpepper will eventually find it in Minnesota. Gates will put up stats like a top ten wide receiver by year's end. Andre Johnson, Roy Williams, and Drew Bennett are all too good to be stifled for long. Kevin Jones, Domanick Davis, and Fred Taylor will soon bust loose and reap benefits for their respective fantasy teams. Get these guys now. Once they produce, their value may make them untouchables.

Peyton Manning
376 yds - 2 TD
Duante Culpepper
469 yds - 0 TD
80 yds - 0 TD
Tatum Bell
60 yds - 0 TD
198 yds - 0 TD
Domanick Davis
149 yds - 0 TD
Andre Johnson
45 yds - 0 TD
Kevin Jones
123 yds - 0 TD
Fred Taylor
189 yds - 0 TD
Cedric Benson
59 yds - 0 TD
Marvin Harrison
105 yds - 1 TD
Reggie Wayne
69 yds - 0 TD
Roy Williams
109 yds - 1 TD
Drew Bennett
139 yds - 0 TD


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